Hot Wheels Dyno

Koinhedz Friday, 3/22/2013

My new Hot Wheels Dyno

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GspeedR 3/22/13

Interesting...does it measure resistance through a small dyno?

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model40fan 3/22/13

very interesting... hmmmm

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redlinederby 3/22/13
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That is fascinating, hilarious and awesome all at once. Sounds good in theory but I'll be interested to see if it can accurately indicate which cars *should* be faster than other. Interesting indeed.

6.38 looks like a strong number!

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Koinhedz 3/23/13


I hope you enjoyed the pic. Yes, I have been able to sort out, in general, which cars are slow and which are fast. I made this since I do not have a track.

Hard to see on the right, is a volt meter, which I can see if the correct volts are being used. 1.5 volts is the best. The generator converts into volts, which can be read by the meter on the left. I used a 3.0 wall mount unit to start, then measured with a poteriaometer to convert down to 1.5 volts, which I can adjust, if needed.

I tested 5 cars, and the lowest resistance car won. This cannot tell how the car will race on the track, but gives me a good idea.

I have already started a prototype for speed on a vertical, and rolling distance on a flat track.

Also, in the works, is an adjustable 4 seperate wheel dyno, to see if the car runs a straight line.

NOTE - this can only test wheels of the same type - large vs. large.


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