Hot wheels v-drop finish gate spacing

Keef921 Tuesday, 1/14/2014

I am going to make a start on a new track this week. I have plans in the future to adapt an old electronic finish gate from my slot car track which is hooked up to a laptop. But until then I am going to use a gate from a V-drop set, if I can find one.
Can anyone tell me the gap, if any, between the lanes can when connected to one of these gates?

Regards Keith


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model40fan 1/14/14

just in case you might want to change to expert racers / drag tracks later... build to fit both... DT = 3.5" WIDE

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Keef921 1/14/14

I did look at expert racer but I am in the UK and postage is quite expensive so I decided to go down the self build route.

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Milton-Fox 1/14/14

Keith are you talking about the v-drop set that attaches to the top of a door and has an 'elevator/lift' system to load cars?

If yes, then the two lane track gate is side by side with no gap - which is roughly 1 and 5/8 inches (37mm) center line to center line.

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Keef921 1/14/14

Yes, thanks Milton that's the one.

I have got a Matchbox Superfast gate and that separates the lanes by 10 mm so I was expecting the Hot Wheels one to be similar. At least I can now can get on with the start gate and downhill section and hopefully find a Hot Wheels finish gate soon.

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redlinederby 1/14/14
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I'm using the v-drop finish line too and it's gap is practically not there, like Milton said. However, after time and thousands of races, a gap does form. Small and still negligible. The v-drop line has held up incredibly well for me...going on 5 years now and it still clicks like it should. But I think in the Spring when I can be outside with tools, I'm going to build a gate for the micro wizard I have, with the v-drop as the backup.

Although if I could find more v-drop sets, I would buy them simply for the finish gate.

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