Mid 90's to Late 90's China bases and nickel plated axles

LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 4/4/2018
Event coordinator

Here is a list of Collectors #'s from the 90's with the China Bases and a pretty decent shot at the car having Nickel Platted Axels...my VW Golf Collector # 474 definitely has them because I took that car apart for the Mini Motor Nationals because the front axel was slightly bent and I'm 99.9% sure my Hot Bird (Gold) Collector # 469 has them as well...here is a checklist for the RLD Communities convenience.

#'s-455, 461, 463, 468, 469, 471, 472, 473, 474, 477, 478, 479, 483, 484, 498, 499, 507, 599, 602, 603, 610, 618, 623, 625, 653, 702, 715, 744, 774 and 820.

...some castings were excluded due to a non-favorable racing casting.

Hope this helps....we are learning and finding some cool nuances while prepping for The Quest for Speed.

Peace and Happy Hunting-League of Speed .


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LeagueofSpeed 4/4/18
Event coordinator

I have the Ramp Truck  (green one) that is one of the China castings I didn't list above and it has 3 axels, so it will be drilled and the axels inspected in the name of research.

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LeagueofSpeed 4/18/18
Event coordinator

  • These appear to be nickel platted...Late 90's China Casting — LeagueofSpeed
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1_of_many 7/16/18

hi there LeagueofSpeed,

just got into hunting fast (un-noticed) regular HW.. and thx for the list.. but need to confirm a few things:

1. how did you tell which axle are nickel platted?

2. 618 are listed but i found that it is malaysia's chevy stocker.. perhaps it should've been 616 (china's '80's corvette) cmiiw..

thanks for sharing..

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LeagueofSpeed 7/17/18
Event coordinator

The only way to truly tell is to drill the rivets...not every mid to late 90's China casting have nickel platted axels...in my educated guess...I'd say 70% do have them...you can also examine the visible axel hub against a modern mainline using a light and magnifying glass...then compare it with a FTE or Color Shifter axel hub...the nickel plating has a noticeable shine to it compared to a mainline axel...Happy Hunting.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/17/18
Event coordinator

A Collector # isn't country of origin specific...the black one is Malaysia and here is the China casting 

  • The Malaysia Stocker also has 7 spoke wheels opposed to the 5 spoke from China — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 12/8/18

I think I found another for your list

  • The XR4TI is one of the cars that have made it into the 16 cars in the Pantheon of Speed in the Quest for Speed...very much looked over casting — LeagueofSpeed
  • Going to be my dcr rally car — NDeavers80
  • I owned a merkur xr4ti i miss that car — NDeavers80
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1_of_many 5/9/19

LOL.. just finished hunting down those in list.. the last addition was #603...

but.. considering how long it took to complete, i think these will just go on the wall..

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Mattman213 11/28/19

Ok you might be able to add #'s 367 96 FE Chevy 1500, #457 Pontiac Banshee and #657 98 FE Panoz GTR-1 to the list.

Went through what I have left from my collection when I was younger and dug these out along with a Hot Bird, Velocitor and 98 FE Iroc Firebird.  All have shinier axles than any of my other brand new main lines from what I can see between the chassis and back of the wheel.  Only way to 100% confirm would be to pull them apart but I'm not going there unless I decide to mod one.  I can also say that my 2000+ China base cars all have dull axles using same inspection.  Glad I found this thread, very fun!  OH and I also found a Gold Medal Speed F40 in the package while looking.  Forgot I ever had that guy!


  • Awesome to hear...the factory in China just put them together...they most likely had no idea whether it was a straight mainline axel or a nickel plated axel...it is however what makes the China built cars so much fun to hunt — LeagueofSpeed
  • I have a China base Panoz GTR-1. If that thing has nickel plated axels they aren't helping to make it any quicker! — WorpeX
  • Same here LOL — Mattman213
  • Just picked up a fairly massive haul of late 90's cars and found about 15 or so China based cars including some tow trucks, fantasty castings and so off roaders. Ive found 3 do far that DIDNT have nickle plated axles. Many of them are going into the donor pile for sure. — Mattman213

Picked up a few of the nickel plated axels from the Color Shifters 

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