How can I do a season tournament?

GuingoyoDiecastRacing Wednesday, 1/26/2022

I see a lot of channel they do like 32 cars season , and sounds fun , I will like to try something like that but sound like a lot of work for begging (32) any other idea how can be done this or what rules,?

I was thinking by Points and this points get acummulate after so many races will be a playoff. Like sports styles NBA,MLB cars will be competing each other no just one races ...

Any ideas ? This is my track 

Sorry for my English is my second language if I can say it 


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redlinederby 1/26/22
Site manager

I mean, there are lots of ways you could do points over a season so whatever you think is fun and will be manageable is probably the way to go - or at least start.

When I did season-long racing I just copied other sports for brackets and points and playoffs and things. Saved me the trouble, and then I just adjusted it to the number of cars I was running.

Bottomline, if it's something you can ogranize and keep track of, then you'll be fine as long as you communicate how it works. And if you're not doing mail-in stuff, then it's even easier. Just plan and outline and go from there.

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