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redlinederby Sunday, 1/10/2016
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Since we're all gung ho about videos now, here's a quick how-to on how to create a YouTube playlist for videos. A playlist is a great way to group together related videos. 

Playlists make it so you only have to add 1 link to your post, rather than having to add a new link for every video you make. You can also order a playlist as you see fit.

Using playlists also lets the web page load faster since it doesn't have to go through dozens of videos in on shot.

I try to make playlists on the RLD YouTube account but it's hard for me to keep up, so anything you guys can do will help everyone, and is very much appreciated.

When to use a playlist

Use a playlist when all your race videos are finished and uploaded to YouTube. You can still upload videos to YouTube as you go, but don't add them to your post. Instead, wait until all your videos are done and uploaded, then make your playlist and share that link instead. It's better to present tournament results as a whole rather than a little bit at a time. 

Even if you do want to show one video today and another tomorrow, you should still use a playlist. You can add videos to a playlist at anytime, so just keep adding videos to it and it'll automatically update in the post.

Creating a YouTube playlist

1. Find the first video you want to add to your playlist, and click the Add to option in the menu below the video. This will open up a menu and then select Create new playlist at the bottom.

2. Give your playlist a name, probably the name of the tournament, and click Create. Your playlist will be created and that video added to it immediately. Congrats, you just made a playlist!

3. Next time you upload a video, click the Add to again and your playlist should be in the list. Just pick it and the video will be added.

After you add at least one video to your playlist, you can link to the playlist in your post. The site should recognize the link and automatically turn it into a video player when you save.

Should also note this isn't the only way to create playlist, but it's the way I create them. If you find an easier way that makes more sense to you, please share so everyone can learn.

Getting your playlist link

1. Pick My channel from the main menu of any YouTube page.

2. Click Playlists below your profile picture. All your playlists will appear in a grid, pick the one you want.

3. Copy the web address of that page and paste it into your post. As long as the link has the world "playlist" in it, you should be good.

What you see below is an example playlist from the Beetle Bash. Notice in the corner how it shows how many videos there are and which one you're watching. One video player, not 20.

Another nice thing about playlists is that they will automatically play the next video in the list, so you don't have to keep going up and down in a post to find the video you want to watch.

You don't have to make a playlist but they're really handy and help make things easier to watch for everyone. They're not hard to create or use once you know they're an option. If you have any questions or problems, please post and we'll figure out the answer.


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redlinederby 7/24/17
Site manager

Just a little fun fact about videos, images and media in general here on the web site...

There's a 53% chance you're reading this on your phone. That's the average percent of visitors coming to the site on a phone, and that doesn't include tablets (which adds another 11%). 

Now there's a pretty good chance you're using your phone on a wifi connection but probably just as likely to use it outside of wifi range (using your data plan). Videos and media can use up a lot data on phone plans as well as just make pages load a lot slower, which isn't fun for anyone. Using YouTube playlists is an easy and small way we can all help reduce the impact on mobile devices.

"But I'm not using a phone. My laptop is working just fine."

I know...that's an easy argument to make but the fact is, you're the minority here...and you will be going forward too. Given this community is all about sharing our stories and experiences, you want as many people as possible to read what you have to say. That means doing your part to make it easily accessible for everyone. 

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Just_Will 7/24/17

This triggered a suggestion I wanted to make a couple months ago during the winter dry spell.

You should start a thread where everyone lists their youtube channels.

Many is the time where I just want to watch some old races; but searching, remembering race titles, and matching redline derby handles with youtube names takes up too much of whatever time and brain power my 5 and 1 year old boys haven't depleted.


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