How to recognize FTE on shortcards

DDRacer Wednesday, 8/30/2023

Hi there,

I'm modding some cars and since i'm from Europe, there are a lot of shortcards here. Some of the shortcards bear the logo below (only the logo, not the FTE text).

My question: Hot Wheels were released in this period with both silver and gold OH5 wheels, both with this logo on the shortcard. As far as I know, the silver ones are not FTEs, despite the logo. But what about the ones with the gold OH5's?

For example, the photo below shows a first edition with the same toy number as the FTE longcard, but.....


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redlinederby 8/30/23
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I have that casting and it is an FTE. I believe the copper OH5s were limited to FTEs at that time too, that 2005-2009ish zone...but I guess the different global markets could differ. Hopefully someone with Euro-knowledge can answer definitively.

I didn't know the shortcards were more common in Europe. Interesting.

  • Yup, it's because they ten to have less shelf space, generally speaking. — LobotomyScam
  • True, as far as i know the existing long cards here are all imported by individuals. Shops only sell shortcards here. — DDRacer
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DDRacer 9/3/23

Thanks for your reaction. I think what you're saying about the copper wheels can be correct. But the point is, if only the logo is on there (without the "faster than ever" text), i do not know for sure if it has FTE axles.

For example, these (below) do not seem to have FTE axles, but they do have the logo. Who says (all) the copper OH5's have FTE axles...


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