How to remove paint on windows?

BadWoolRacing Monday, 6/19/2023

I have a flea market find that I am race prepping, which was the previous victim of a bad home paint job. As you can tell by the photo, the windshield plastic suffered the same fate with the paint as the metal did.

How can I get this mess off the plastic without ruining the plastic?


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Kingjester 6/19/23

Well I'm not expert but I'm pretty sure scraping it off would be a bad idea as that would most likely chip away at and damage the windshield, you could use paint thinner or paint remover but I don't know if that could potentially damage the windshield you would have to research that
this is what i use. If this cant get it off nothing can. I would then suggest sanding it off an then moving to finer grits.

Purple Power degreaser or DOT 3 brake fluid, NOT DOT 5, it's Silicone. let it soak for hour at least, rinses off with soapy water. This will remove kid paint, marker, Sharpie ink etc. Will do nothing for any scratches under paint.

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dr_dodge 6/20/23

I have wet sanded glass inserts to remove paint, and blemishes
1000 grit, it will be flat colored and not too clear
and then dip them if future floor wax,
and it will be amazingly clear again

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redlinederby 6/20/23
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I would think just being careful with a knife/razor would be best. You might take some chips out of the windshield but I'm thinking any sort of solution would ruin it worse. Good luck!

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johnson9195 6/22/23

I have had good luck with denatured alcohol removing paint from plastics.

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