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72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 1/6/2018
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Yup, it was a bittersweet day, last Sunday...my faithful '72 Chevy C10 went to a new home. The rust was starting to get a little out of hand...which was okay, because it added even more character. But, then the rear let go on me...so, the costs of the repair work was starting to really add up, even with me doing the work.

So, when a guy stopped by and asked if it was for sale...and I let it go. The new owner is super nice, so I'm happy to see her go to a good home. But, I will miss that truck! 

My '73 C20 Cheyenne is a super cool truck with heaps of potential. And it will be fun to build that truck up...it could stand to have just about every body panel replaced  (the previous owner didn't drive it much, but he must have driven her fairly hard...or, at least, into every tree on the property). So, I'm planning to drive it to different 'pick-n-pull' yards all over the place to find nice, straight, original square body parts! Should be fun!

So if, all of a sudden a new member, '73 Chevy C20' shows up...it will just be me!  :)

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