I skipped K-Day and went to the flea market instead. 80's Cars!

Steele_Mill_Racing Saturday, 2/20/2016

I think I did pretty well despite the crowd.  This album is mostly well used 80's Hot Wheels I am considering to mod or refurbish.  I got a bunch of Matchbox and off brands also. Sorry, 1 FTE didn't make the album.  

What would you do with some of these?




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redlinederby 2/21/16
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Well then you win, sir! LOL

You have a lot of great cars in there, albeit beaten up a bit. I think almost all of those have metal body and a metal chassis, so you have a lot of weight right from the get go.

Those old-timey Daddy Warbucks cars are great for racing. Very long and wheels at the corners. I'd start with pulling them apart and replacing the axles/wheels. If you get them to roll true then you'll have some speedsters without much extra effort. If you want to add more weight from there, that's up to you.

Funny Cars are usually very good racers just because of the weight. That Firebird is a keeper and racer for sure, especially since it's unopened. I'd hang on to that and enter it in a future no-mod stock tournament.

That Brach's car is a Way 2 Fast and is an often used chassis for mods. It's long and metal without a lot of crap blocking the wheels. Although on their own they're pretty fast.

The tow truck and Beetle are good scores too. Again, just start with putting on new wheels if those are bent or wobble.

And personally, the Coutach I would just try to restore it. Probably not worth much in terms of racing but it was a childhood love of mine so I'd strip the paint, smooth out the dents and then paint it something cool. Find some nice wheels for it. Making a non-racing car is a great way to get familiar with the process of taking cars apart, stripping, painting and working with axles/wheels, yet without all the pressure and worry of winning a race. 

So yeah, man, good score at the market...I think you came out ahead far more than anyone at KMart, at least when it comes to racing. And another reminder to me that I should go to more flea markets!

Thanks for sharing and post those photos.

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CrzyTrkrDude 2/21/16

Personally, I love the big ole classic era mega cars. Nice castings. I think someone may have found what looks like a 5 pack that somehow survived together all this time!! GOOD JOB!!

Brian is dead on with his ideas. 'Specially the Lambo. I think they rub both side walls on the orange track. But, a fairly level open track... Look out!! ( it has low nose syndrome)

GOOD JOB! GOOD FIND!! Sometimes the flea markets are a better choice on KDays, because you know where all the scalpers are, and you get first dibbs!!  LOL

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fordman 2/21/16

the early '30s cars in the pack have long wheelbases, some have front bumpers, chassis lends itself to being shortened, and keep protection for them front wheels.... plus they are cars you can shamelessly cut up... go jm go !

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fordman 2/21/16

i took the rascal hole shot lizzotte to day after kmart day... expecting there to be full pegs and a sin bin... less that 30 cars on the pegs and no sin bin... asked if they sold all the left overs... he said yes, that auburn me. kmart is the top hot wheels day seller east of the mississippi...

 bought [1] blue passin gasser... [gasoline guilt]

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