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Sad to see the old track go, but I look forward to see what you create next. Just don't forget to vaccuum the sub-track safety surface first! There may still be some drivers embedded in there.

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dr_dodge 12/5/22

Over the years, I have seen many people build train layouts, get them "done"
and in a year or less are ripping out sections to re-do

Part is because we get better skills over time, but, IHMO, it's because building is as much fun as anything.

Do you have a theme settled on?  Look forward to watching your stuff again, and hopefully sending in a car or two

keep up the great work!


  • my plan is to have multiple themes from my favorite fandoms......Star Wars, Harry Potter, TMNT, etc. — IndianaDiecastRacing

Sad to see the Tricky Triangle come down. So many great memories...

The long fat track finish straight is my only recommendation to have in the new layout in some form. That makes for some crazy exciting overtake finishes!

I'm looking forward to many more years of fantastic slightly above mediocre diecast racing! You rock IDR!

  • the coroplast is definitely not going away, though it's gonna get a refresh! — IndianaDiecastRacing

Not a ton of progress today, mostly moved and consolidated materials and conducted a much overdue vacuuming!

  • right after took this i decided to put a tentative track outline down.....things are happening! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Too many car pieces and chunks of broken dreams strewn across the floor Eh… — Crazy_Canuck
  • haha you have no idea.....I actually didn't find 2 cars until I tore the track down — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • A couple of Evasive Rebels! — Bent_Rod_Racing

A lot of you indicated you wanted the long straights and triangle to remain.......there will definitely be some long straights, but the triangle will be more of a trapezoid!

  • I'm not sure if that was meant to be funny, but I can't stop laughing. Cheers. — Numbskull

  • Looking good. — Numbskull
  • I like the trapezoid. — Numbskull
  • depending on how the upper part of the track goes, that 90 dogleg in the middle right may be removed in lieu of a really long straight overpass section — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • You have work to do. I'll drink a beer. — Numbskull
  • lookin noice — GT_Diecast

Minor progress..... covering the crawl space opening

  • are the brown stripes track angle? — dr_dodge
  • yeah the tape on the wall is my rough estimate of where the track will go, but it will probably change wildly when I get to building that portion — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • How am I supposed to get in now? — Numbskull
  • Is that a 15' drop? — Dusty

Jim! We're in the same boat sir so hit me up if ya need to vent...this stuff can get stressful, LOL. Good luck with it! Gonna be a blast! Great to see the progress coming along here. 

-Lone Star

  • Thanks, no worries! Just at a pause point, will post some updates soon, I hope! — IndianaDiecastRacing

I finally got some substantial work done on the track infrastructure in the last week!

I am a total amateur when it comes to building things out of wood, so this has all been learning on the fly.  Also, my grandiose ideas for a track definitely don't help get it built any faster!

  • Looking good. — Numbskull
  • I also wanna mention how awesome Russ over at Spool Heads has been......he's been working hard to help me with some 3d printed items to make the track more unique — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • lookin' good so far! — dr_dodge
  • Thanks Jim! Happy to help :) — SpoolHeads
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GT_Diecast 1/16/23

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE TRACK IN MOTION, MY FRIEND! It's lookin' long and tricky. ;) Nice job!

  • thanks! this was the "easy" part of the build, I's gonna come out away from the wall now similar to the previous track — IndianaDiecastRacing

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