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72_Chevy_C10 Saturday, 8/24/2019
Event coordinator

Hi Guys,

I haven't posted in quite a while, and it's because things have been, totally, up in the air around here. As many of you know, I lost my long-time job at McFarlane Toys this past Spring...and since then, I've been working under contract for a small company that is just getting going. But, this company has decided to drop the deluxe figure line that they were planning (and my reason for working there), so, I'll just be staying in the North Jersey area and taking a local job instead. Which means, I can finally quit living out of boxes and start making some plans.

I will have access to a nice sized room, where I can set up the next version of Sussex Speedway! The plan will be to have my usual Drag Track setup (I'm not sure if it will be a full 1/4 mile or not)...which will lead into a fixed 'road course' or 'open track' style of track. 

I'll be setting up my track so that I can run drag racing events and open track events without having to alter anything. And the plan is to have a regular schedule of 'themed' races, like we are used to here on RLD (Muscle Cars, Gassers, Hot Rods, Muscle trucks, etc)...and, I'm hoping to have a year-long mail-in series, much like the ones you see with King of the Mountain and Modified Madness. 

I'll be moving soon, and setting up the track soon after, so be on the lookout for upcoming events. Once the track is setup, I'be able to sort out the details. 2020 promises to be a fun year!



Cool man! Best of luck!

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LeagueofSpeed 8/24/19
Event coordinator

Looking forward to future good times...be well and see ya in the Fast Lane...

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Rusty 8/26/19

Best of luck Chris! Hope your move goes well for you..

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