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International Diecast Racing League - IDRL (FULL)

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Crazy_Canuck 1/25/22

Progress so far...went with opposite colours to my DIRS car...

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Sam_Haul 1/28/22

Quick question, what would be the difference between a non-American sports car, and an exotic?  For example, Wikipedia, and a number of other opinions, have the Lotus Elise as a sports car.  Others claim it's a Supercar, others an exotic sports car.  How about Porsches?  Depend on the model?  

  • Yes, there are many gray lines. I think of it as, what if you got a bunch of local car enthusiasts together at a coffee shop to show off their rides. What would you get. Mustang, Corvette for sure. Some Porsches but not like a Porsche Carrera GT. You are note going to get a full fledged racing car. Would you get a Lotus Elise ... maybe that is on the line of an exotic car but I guess you could do that. I really don't think you are going to see things like a McLaren, Pagani, Lamborghini, or a Bugatti. — TheIDRL
  • Maybe the classic Ferrari or Lamborghini definitely not the new stuff — MadMike
  • Okay, how about a Fiero? (Kidding, kidding) Thanks for the reply, that helps clarify. Feel like the price of the Lotus might exclude it from that kind of lineup, and sounds like it's not exactly in the desired spirit. Got lots of options to choose from that are more appropriate. — Sam_Haul
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Mayfield41 1/28/22

I would like to try and qualify for this... #41 please

  • Do you have a Team Name & Driver Name? — TheIDRL
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Big_Al 1/29/22

Add me to the list!

Big Al's Custom Diecast

Driver: Dee Dee


  • Thanks for joining ... I have you down — TheIDRL
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Foursix 2/1/22

Foursix Diecast Racing



  • Great, added you to the list — TheIDRL

I would like to join

  • Awesome, so Slick Rick of Blue Wahoo Racing. Please choose a unique car number — TheIDRL
  • I don’t understand — BlueLineRacing
  • I got it already ... we are good — TheIDRL
  • I think you have me confused with someone else — BlueLineRacing
  • You are correct ... I got you confused with another entry. — TheIDRL
  • Please provide your Driver Name and unique car number. Assuming your Team Name is BlueLineRacing. — TheIDRL
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Mayfield41 2/15/22


My mustang has jacked up rear axles and are hitting the chassis. I will need to build a new one.. is a Viper clear to race. 2dr performance above all else kind of car..

Is there still room to join this competition? 

~Steve (Endcount)

Chase Family Racing

  • For sure ... please also provide a unique car number. Is your Driver Name Endcount or something else? Also assume your team name is Chase Family Racing — TheIDRL
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Foursix 2/16/22


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Uncle_Elvis 2/20/22

Just quadruple checking, I can send this entry with my F1 entry to Marcus, yes? 

  • Yes, this is Marcus ... send me your F$ and IDRL ... will send you my updated address in FB — TheIDRL
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CptnZedx1a 2/24/22

I would like to register.

This entry comes from the U.S.

Team name is Zedworld Racing

Driver's name is Earthbound Blynox

If #54 is untaken I would like to use it. Please assign me an open number otherwise

  • Thanks for joining ... you are in — TheIDRL
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Bongo 2/24/22

If we're squeezing in a few last-minute entries (and since I'm already mailing a package to Meekin) -- Bongo Motorsports would like #76 (if available). If that number is not available, I welcome any open number.

  • I've added you to the list — TheIDRL
  • Awesome!! — Bongo

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