Iphone app - Hot Wheels Collectors app any good?

slash288 Monday, 7/2/2012

Seen this in the app store, anyone try it yet? Seems a bit much to spend $5.99 for a app. but if its good it would be worth it.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hot-whee ... 32423?mt=8


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redlinederby 7/2/12
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Bout time someone made my idea a reality!!
http://www.redlinederby.com/blog/2011/0 ... heels-app/

I wonder what they're using as a database to get all the names, photos, etc...that seems like a lot of data that isn't consistently or readily available (unless it's coming from Mattel, which it doesn't look like it).

And it looks like this app is built on top of another app framework called Sort It! - http://www.sortitapps.com/ - that looks like it lets people create their own lists of stuff. Here's one for LEGO bricks that appears the exact same style and function - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lego-col ... 22596?mt=8

That $6 price tag is a bit steep and I have a hunch the app doesn't do what you think it might. I would like to think the app would have a whole HW database that you can match against but something tells me that's not true. I'm sure you can import your own list of stuff but if you have to do that the app doesn't save you much effort. I think I might get this app and review it. Even if it sucks I'd like to let folks know because as we all know, the HW collecting stuff is somewhat of a niche and I'm not sure you can fit it inside a generic wrapper.

Thanks for the post, I'll be checking this out.

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slash288 7/2/12

i did read that it lacked the import ability. but it has an export ability.

it is a user based database so it can be updated and changed. They say they have alot of the cars already in the database, and Mattel and hot wheels are supporting it.

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Kracon 7/2/12

Over the years I have tried to log all my cars in Excel. I get so far and give up. Hot Wheels sold a PC program for record keeping once. But it wasnt update and so wasnt worth using. I think the CD came with a VW drag car.

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redlinederby 7/3/12
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I got this app last night to see what it's all about. I'll have a full review in the blog soon, but in short it is not worth the price at all. It might look handy and clever but it ends up being a lot more trouble than it's worth.

That $6 price tag is a bit steep and I have a hunch the app doesn't do what you think it might.

That's the first thing I thought.

I have that other mattel catalog / sorter thing that came with the drag bus. I could never get it to work on a computer.

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Kracon 7/5/12

Have you seen this?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matchbox-Lensey-Hot-Wheels-MORE-Diecast-Car-Truck-Inventory-Database-Software-/260762880525?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb6adca0d

looks like it was made with MS Access

What are you guys using now to record/keep track of what you have? I have soo many old excel files from the past when I tried to keep track. The last one was 10 years ago.

Before I try to log again what I got the past 2 weeks I would like to use something better.

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redlinederby 7/6/12
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My official review has just been posted...
http://www.redlinederby.com/blog/2012/0 ... pp-review/

There's just too many potholes in this app to make it worth the price. I can't imagine using it to track the hundreds of cars we all have. I think Mattel is missing a huge opportunity with mobile apps. They already have the information we all want - names, dates, photos - all they would need to do is wrap it in a nice package. I'd make it myself if their database was open.

Otherwise, I don't really do much to keep track of my cars beyond the fantasy league. I have to log all my cars for the game so my tracking inventory builds itself every couple of months. But that just accounts for the cars that are racing, not the ones I have on the shelf or ones that are yet-to-be racing.

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Kracon 7/6/12

The Database on the HWC website is utter crap. There is so much stuff missing it's north worth it.

So far it seems only http://www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide.html has a good record listings of the cars. They have the first 4 main info fields you would want.

C# Car Name Series Name Description
001 Troy Soldier 2012 New Models #01 Gold Chrome, w/Yellow HW logo on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/ChrRedMC5's

Last night I started to build new Excel tabs by doing a copy past from their list. They have the hard work already done and the IMG link is in my cells so I can still click on them for a picture.

Now For 2012 I only need to record if I have the car or not or add other columes I might care about. I need some way of knowing what I have so I can figure out if I have the right cars to become a host track.

Might want to consider google docs. If you have a smart Android phone (not sure about Iphone), you can access your google documents with your phone. You can easily pull up the spreadsheet to check and see if you have one or not before buying something. You can update on the go as well.

Kind of like a poor mans app.

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