Iron Bridge - Piston Junction Track

StarCorps Thursday, 8/3/2023

The 'back' topmost (Second leg)  straightaway is going to be an old iron bridge - with flat area beneath it for diorama and detail, connecting to the third leg. I went through a few designs before I found one I liked. 

I'm currently printing this out - and yes, those of you who print, some of these are ROUGH. I had some temperature issues leading to stringing and leaking. Fixed now and the new sections printing are smooth as silk. 

This will fit a crash racers track perfectly. 

There are top cross-members that will connect the top of the bridge, I just havn't printed them yet. 


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redlinederby 8/3/23
Site manager

Very cool! I need to get my printer fixed or get a new one. Kinda missing making plastic goodies. 

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dr_dodge 8/4/23

I like it!  That should look awsome when done!

Very nice, might need some gaurd rails. The flat wooden coffee stirrer sticks make great ones, even pre-sanded.

  • when my daughter was a manager at starbuks, I bought 2 boxes of those wood ones. (the black hollow plastic ones are great pipes in a truck) — dr_dodge
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