It' BACK ON! Crew Chief Challenge 4

Saturday, January 5th, 2019
72_Chevy_C10 Monday, 1/1/2018
Event coordinator

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The Crew Chief Challenge race was the first modified race I ever, it's always kinda cool when I decide to run it again. I like to think of this race as competing with both the Hot Rod racer that you hauled to the track...and the hauler that got it there!

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum - 45 grams for the Hot Rods 75 grams for the haulers
  • Size restrictions; length and height - 2.75" max length for the Hot Rods 5" for the haulers
  • Cars per entrant - two teams (car and hauler make up a team) allowed per household
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements - Hot Rods should be 1941 and older...they can be fenderless or with fenders '41 Willies and Neet Streeter are examples of fendered cars allowed. There are many fenderless cars out there...take your pick.  I'd like to see the haulers based off of older style trucks as well, but it is not required...if you were hauling a '32 Ford to the track, what would you haul it with? 
  • Wheel limitations, requirements - Fte's are wheel inserts or bearings allowed...must be stock style axles, alxe tubes allowed Wheels can be sanded and polished
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements - the Hot Rod must fit on the hauler. I'm giving you guys lots of room (5" length) to play with and 4+ months to play, have some fun building the haulers!



How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? Please include return shipping to get your cars back

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab 

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

Cars must be to Sussex Speedway on or before January 5th 2019

Scoring and Winning

1 point per win, plus another point for making the finals. 


Traction Event rule on weight...I'll give you 3 grams over...any more than that and it gets painted pink, raced and not counted

Tracks & Dates

If anyone want to host, please let me know. I will host the first and last races.

Series tracks

  • 1/5/19 NJ - 72 Chevy C10
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.


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I'll be ready.

in mock up, needs a lot of work and JB qwik

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72_Chevy_C10 1/5/18
Event coordinator

I was looking through one of the drawers in my desk and found this abandoned project...a Willies Coupe body on a Neet Streeter frame, with the front axle tube mounted below the chassis! I'm not sure why I didn't finish it, but I'm pretty sure it will fit on the back of a ramp truck!

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72_Chevy_C10 1/7/18
Event coordinator

A little real life inspiration for the haulers :)

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Mopar_Mafia 1/15/18

I'm in

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Dadvball 1/24/18

I'm in. Got my hot rods whittled down to 4 possibilities.   Still working on ideas for the haulers. 

I've got the FTE package for the 32 Ford picked out...the Ramp in progress.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

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72_Chevy_C10 2/10/18
Event coordinator

Hey Guys!

I'm back! This is my first day off of 2018...Toy Faire prep has been as crazy as ever.  But, I wanted to bump this to the top. We are a litrle over a month out from the CCC...I hope everyone is getting their teams sorted out. 

You'll be seeing what I'm working on over the next weeks. 

Changing my Hauler...FTE packages are ready...workshop is next.

  • Sweet! I need to get my builds going too! — 72_Chevy_C10
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Dadvball 2/23/18

3 weeks from tomorrow!  Gotta get my haulers done. Hopefully this weekend. 

I'm on schedule...some workshop time this weekend for sure, as I've got to extract the Haulers FTE package from the donor car....The Quest for Speed continues.......

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72_Chevy_C10 3/3/18
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

I'm sorry to announce that I am postponin this race...hopefully, I'll have some time later in the year. Work has had me very busy...still...and I just haven't had the time to prep for this race. 

I try to put on a good show...and build cool rigs to race...but, I just haven't had the time this year. 

My apologies to those of you that have been prepping your cars. I look forward to seeing them in the future!

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