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Jamestown gets a beltway bypass

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dr_dodge 12/18/23

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dr_dodge 2/16/24

well, since I have so much more time now,
(cough retired)

I am going to build a race track room in my shop

The above track, and 4 lane slot cars will be moved into the new room.

below is the diagram of the room, need to box it in, and start moving the track

I'll shoot some video this week, along with the racetrack planned for outside.

(the track is to be made with 6  -  14" x 38' I beams, second story launch, ALL SCALES (1/64  - 1/8) diecast, probably be about 250' long with the corners, stop box may be interesting)

goin' crazy!!


  • Is the room 12'6" x12'6"x8'? — JBlotner42
  • yes, pretty close, the one wall is curved so the top of the room is 2' smaller — dr_dodge
  • Congrats on retirement. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Thanks, I am stoked! busting out the shop again — dr_dodge
  • Excited to see the progress. Keep us posted! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • the tbd, is the micro machine drag strip, I have been doing inventory, and hopefully can build an insane tiny motorplex, with lighting that works — dr_dodge
  • weather cooperating tomorrow shoot E1 dr's garage — dr_dodge

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