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Johnny Lightning Challenge

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So nothing to enter. But only pay if I want myvcars back?   Correct? 

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dsc164 9/10/23

I don't have a lot JL's but I just found two that ride kind of straight. ????. Expect 2 from me! 

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Ghoul_City 9/14/23

Ghoul City Racing will submit 2

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Fat_Dad 9/23/23

I'm new here and this would be my first race ever. I'd love to join with 2 cars if there's room. 

Hey bro' I'm gonna have to back out of this race. I have too much going on and too little time. My apologies! I'll be watching though!

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Numbskull 10/2/23

On the way.

Man I don't know how I missed this!! Dang I definitely want in on the next one! 

  • Yessir, there will certainly be another coming soon....we'd love to have you at MileHighRaceway for the next event! — ElevationDiecastRac1ng

I will try to compete I have a few cars to compete. I don't know which one to choose.

I think these might be the two that I will send

but there might be a chance that I will swap one out for another option but I will probably be staying with these two.

That was my first race! A perfect finish... dead last! lol 

But I did learn many things and hope to do better next go! 

I got my car back already... very much appreciated the quick turn around. I think you enclosed someone elses car... ? If so, let me know where to send it... if it was a consolation prize, well, then it will go in a place of honor on my shelf!

Thanks for the effort and great videos!


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