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CRPRacing Saturday, 3/23/2019

 I am just getting started with down hill racing 1:64 scale cars ....  and I have found this site to he awsome to get ideas from. However, I am looking for help in picking some cars other than just Hot Wheels.....  Johnny Lighting cars are ranging from 6 to 9 bucks per car at my local walmart .

So far in my collection I have Hot Wheels , Matchbox and Metal Machines. 

can anyone out there recommend any other brands that can run with hot wheels? 

I have yet to get any Johnny Lighting cars, thinking of getting some this coming weekend ....they seem very detailed but are they fast? 

hope to get some good feedback 




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Dadvball 3/24/19

Quite honestly I wouldn't buy today's Johnny Lightning for racing. If you're collecting them it's one thing but they aren't fast. People have tried various castings at the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club and they haven't come close to winning. Great detail, but not fast. 

The fastest JL from what we've found is the '69 Black With Flames Camaro from the Streat Freaks series. The purple Dodge Challenger from the Mopar or no Car series is very quick, as are a couple of the Silverados. JL vans do pretty good as well but probably mostly due to the weight. You'd have to find these on line as they were released years ago. 

And welcome to RLD!  Lots of good info and great people here. You'll have to post pics of your track as everyone will be curious. Check out the upcoming races. Maybe you can join in one one. Most of the time stock entries are welcome with the mods as long as they meet the weight requirement. 

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