K-Day is this Saturday

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
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Friends over at Orange Track Diecast have reminded me that this Saturday the 16th is another K-Mart Collector Day. These K-Days give you access to exclusive casting variations as well as first-to-market castings.

Check out OTD's preview and photos

My own experience with K-Days has been rather unspectacular but it does depend on how much effort and expense your local K-Mart is willing to put into it. While getting to a K-Mart early will get you first crack at unopened boxes, I've always found plenty of the exclusives available midday. Of course, I'm not chasing THs or Supers or whatever they are...I'm just looking for castings I don't have.

Last year, I just ordered a K-Day box and did my own opening. You can watch that video and get my review.

You can also read through a really good K-Day story member Dan "CrzyTrkrDude" posted from a couple of years ago. Great details on how it went down and what they got.

How have your K-Day experiences been in the past? Looking forward to this weekends?

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