Sept 5th 2015 KMart HW Collector Day

Saturday, September 5th, 2015
CrzyTrkrDude Sunday, 8/16/2015

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Just saw this morning on 2 different sites ( Race Grooves and a  virginia based club 's Facebook page) the next KMart Day will be earlier in Sept then it was last year.

While there is never a guarantee for a SUPER TH, it's the thrill of the chase.

One of the exclusive cars is the 67(?) C10.

The mail in is  a beautiful looking Chevy panel truck.

It's a good opportunity to stock up on multiples of the parts cars we use too!!

This is a good fun day. Bring the youngsters. Getum excited!! 



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2seven 8/18/15

Help shed some light on these days for me, is there a greater chance of finding a TH or Super? I am assuming there are new body styles available this day too. Do you show up when Kmart opens? Does every Kmart have these new cases that day or should I call? thank you in advance


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redlinederby 8/18/15
Site manager

If you do a search for "kmart" here on the site you'll get some past stories and reports from KMart days. RaceGrooves has some good KMart Day videos too.

I've never been an early bird to my local KMart Day, so I'm not sure how elaborate they make things, but based on other reports, some KMarts go all out and have activities and prizes, etc. But overall the gist is that it's a raffle for boxes of Hot Wheels, some of which may have TH's and specials in them. Check with your local KMart to see what times things happen cause it probably varies.

My personal experience as a late-day shopper is pretty minimal. By the time I get to KMart the party is over and what is left is a card table covered in cars. Nothing fancy but they are newer model cars (albeit no TH's by that point). If anything it's a little underwhelming...but the KMart in your area may do a better job. If you do some Googling you'll see the lengths to which some KMart stores go to, some of it very impressive.

I wrote an article about my first KMart day several years ago, it's over on the old RLD site (which reminds me I should copy and paste that into the new site) - 

As I'm not a hardcore collector looking for rarity, the advantage I see in KMart Days is getting my hands on some current year models and variants easily so I don't have to constantly troll the pegs at Target or wherever trying to find them...but I'm not going to toss back any Hunts if I find them :)

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KandORacing 8/18/15

There's a T hunt in every case now at these. That's why I don't go bananas over them. Good luck getting a Super, there's hardly any with the people in Malaysia stealing them off the factory line.

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2seven 8/19/15

How do the mail ins work?

  • buy 20 cars with certain bar codes released from or after this case — CrzyTrkrDude
  • tear off the card, go online fill out form, print form, mail first born and 20 cards with ( usually 3.50 s&h) wait for mailman to crush your — CrzyTrkrDude
  • box. Buuuut, THEY ARE NICE CARS!! ( I sure do miss my first two kids though....) — CrzyTrkrDude
  • lol — CrzyTrkrDude
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CrzyTrkrDude 8/19/15

Buuuut, seriously....  All kidding aside...

I HOPE to have an hour or two in the VERY near future to round up some links and throw together a few of my personal  experiences with the 2 KDays my wife and I attended. 

Stay tuned... 

But, basically, we are all different in our own way. We all are looking for things that we are interested in. Will you find These events to be fun? Or a waste of time?.... 

There is only one way to find out...

ATTEND!  And tell us all how it lived up to your expectation... ( or did it not?)

( and bring all your friends and family and neighbors.... MOST IMPORTANT...  BRING THE YOUNGSTERS!!)

More soon, 

From Mr Boone!

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KandORacing 8/20/15

Heads-up, I heard it's now $20 worth of cars, instead of 20 cars for the mail-in. Mattell sure wants to make sure they sell all the ugly cars.

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CrzyTrkrDude 8/27/15

Well, I think I have a little time so here goes...

My wife and I have been to the most recent two events at our local Kmart.

The first one was in mid Sept of last year. We were not sure what to expect, or where to go the first time, so I kinda got us there an hour early. ( mostly, because I knew I would need to sit and wait because of my back pains, but also because I kinda was expecting a hoard of people to be there with brass knuckles on their keyrings...)

After going right to the HW section, ( which was pretty much empty) and asking someone where it would be held, ( at the "Deli" snack bar place) we ended up passing the stockroom door just as the guy was pulling the flatbed through it.

And the angels sang, the doves did fly, and the area did glow a bright light. ( yeah, it has been a few years since I'd seen 3 or 4 double cases of unmolested cars. Lol)

We followed him to the front customer service desk, looking for places to roll the guy under and run to a remote corner of the store to rip and run... Alas, there was not that ideal situation, so we just followed him.

When we got to the "Deli"..( term used loosely). It was almost full with senior citizens having a good time laughing and joking around. I was curious and wasn't sure what the deal was. 

We found some seats and waited until 9 am. At which time, they opened the mall entrance and 3/4 of them scampered away. It seems they get in at the Kmart door, sit and talk, then get their morning walk in the comfort of the a/c. ( good for them!)

Now... It is 9:00. GO TIME!!

The guy pushes the car up to the group of us, and starts handing out ticket halves. I'm sure it was unintentional, but the guy split a ticket in half, and handed my wife and I each 1 of the halves. EEERRRRNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT!!!  lol

We fixed the snafu and proceeded.  

Long story short, I was drawn second to receive my 36 car box. My wife was second to last. Bummer, but she brought it to me, and we grabbed and hoarded and hoarded and grabbed... 

Round two...  Seems, everyone was awarded a box. And in went the tickets again. Why he didn't just hand each of a box I dunno. To make it more suspenseful and random maybe?  Perhaps.  Well, my wife was drawn second for the remaining 4 or 5 cases. WOOHOO!!  GO GIRLY!!

and we grabbed and hoarded and grabbed and hoarded...

Then everyone started trading cases and digging and grabbing and grabbing and digging...

45 minutes later... It was realized, everyone had a regular TH or 4 ( that wanted the cloak and dagger) and NOONE found a STH. 

And I had to whittle over a hundred cars down to what ended up being over 60. 

20 we had to open for the cards we needed to send in. ( most of which were purpleish challengers I was gonna one day repaint... Still haven't touched a one, not a year later.  Lol). Some were to be saved for their " exclusiveness" ( that's French for...  "No one cares really"). Lol and some were kinda cool.

I will say this,  if you need any empty cases for storage, or to carry around the flea market...  That's the place to get them!!!  There's 4- 36 car cases to a double box. I ended up with 6 of the smaller one, and 1 giant box. 

Only to realize later... It is much easier for my very understanding wife to...  Wellll... " determine, calculate and BUST me on my addiction"!!!  LOL.  :)

Sooooooo, we had fun. Enjoyed the day, traded a bunch of the 60 cars off for some better ones at the flea market to the dealers not able to attend and went home.

End of story?


The mail in promo deal:

Buy 20 cars ( that event's deal anyways)

Meet the specific bar code requirements.( just buy the minimum amount that day, from the cases used on that day. You'll be fine. In other words... No old cards will be eligible, and they won't... Repeat WON'T send anything back to you.

Go online to the HW site, fill out and print their order form.

Send the cards, the order form, the receipts you have, and the minimal shipping and handling fee (about $3.50)

To the address on the form, and wait patiently.

They will email you when they process the order with an estimated date of arrival.

And it really did not take too long. A couple of weeks really.

The cars are BEAUTIFUL!! and arrive in a blister protector clam shell.

You'll actually damage the card if you try and remove it from the shell. BE CAREFUL!

I hope i did not bore you to tears.

We DID have a good time.

Oh yeah, each " Case" gets an 8x10 printed card with the mail in cars details on it. Kinda cool!!

Second event:

 Feb 14, 2015...

Who decided that date?? I dunno.

Same situation, same deal, only without the angels, the near felony assault, and the fear of a dozen or so feisty elders whacking me around for the STH.

nope, no one found one that day either. ( STH)  but we did find 4 regulars. Still not sure why I bought them. Habit I guess.

ALL IN ALL....  Don't expect much... And you'll surely almost be happy!!!



Showed my wife what to watch out for and grab if she spots the good stuff. 




  • Good luck...sitting this one out nearest Kmart is over 1.5hrs been closing around here — Traction-Event
  • looks like our store might be cut soon too. the shelves were emmmmppptttyyyyy creepy empty — CrzyTrkrDude

Shucks. Lol. 

3 double cases = 12 mini cases between 30 people. 

I was lucky enough to be randomly drawn 3rd for a mini case.

 No one found a STH.

Not every case had a regular.

But, I found plenty of the green trucks, and Subaru Brats I was hoping for.

There really wasn't much to choose from, and was hard pressed to find 20 worth opening for the mail in cards.

I ended up getting this one just to open to use the mangled card for the mail in.

But, a good time was had by all!!

  • way 2 go, nice work there — Traction-Event
  • Thanks. it seems people from Knoxville and Chattanooga heard hardly anyone comes to our store for KDay. This one might could be the last one — CrzyTrkrDude
  • for us. (probably not, the mail ins are so nice. makes it worth it.) — CrzyTrkrDude

Heading to our 1st Kmart HW day!!!! 

Picked up a few cars yesterday at K-Mart.

We live in a time where anything that be labeled as "collectible" is.  I can't image much will be valuable if we all keep the cars.  Having said that, were there any cars available yesterday that I would be a fool to modify?  If anything is actually valuable or would just assume sell or trade it.  I buy them to make them my own, not to put on a shelf (not that there is a thing wrong with buying and keeping them pristine, just not my style).

The two that I got yesterday that I have not seen before that day was a blue Brat and a teal Superbird.  Anybody see any harm in modifying those?

  • chop em up... Mattel will make more!!! — Traction-Event
  • you can trade supers, ot regular hunts... or keep them if thats your thing — Traction-Event
  • Treasure Hunts aren't rare at all these days.. race em! — KandORacing
  • Thanks for the input guys. Just took the spoiler off the Superbird to make a Norcal spoiler for a van. — Finkle_and_Sons

If it cost a dollar and it has rubber wheels, save it, ask about it before it goes under that knife. Otherwise, unless it is a real funky error, chop away.


  • Oh yeah, I should remember since I am the collector... don't chop it if it's an error or variation! — KandORacing

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