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Sept 5th 2015 KMart HW Collector Day

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redlinederby 9/6/15
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Thanks for sharing, all. I failed to remember and didnt get kmart. Gotta keep an eye out for that Brat truck though, pretty sweet casting.

The boxes that didn't have the rogue hog th in them had the blue Fiat 500.  Didn't look like th , but it has the the info on the card behind the car. There is no the logo on the car, so does that mean. 1. card error 2. paint job error 3. A hidden th?.  Most peope missed these and many different opinions about the car.

Kind of reminds me of the breadbox when no one knew what it was when it showed up at the kmart days.

Regarding the fiat 500 " TH"  QUESTION...

This guy is pretty reliable.

HOPE it helps.

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