KMart Collector Day is this weekend

Saturday, February 17th, 2018
redlinederby Sunday, 2/11/2018
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Once again time for a KMart Collector Day! It's next Saturday, 2/17 and if you're a collector that likes variants or exclusives, you'll want to check it out. Or if you're never been, it's certainly worth a trip to see how your local KMart handles things.

In short, KMart stores get a bunch of exclusive variants and first-to-market cars. I've read stories of KMarts going all out with a ton of stuff, while others (like mine) seem to do the bare minimum. But if you're up early on Saturdays, then you can get in early for raffles and get first crack at cases of cars.

Our friends over at Orange Track Diecast have the details and lead on some of cars you can expect to find on Saturday.

I went to my first KMart Day back in 2009 and my account of the day is up in the old RLD archives, if you care to get my first time thoughts. Otherwise, you can watch my own KMart Day Unboxing video and discussion from last year to get an idea. 


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redlinederby 2/16/18
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After reading this post over at Lamley, I'm wondering how many of you have a KMart within reasonable driving distance? 

I have one in my town but I think it's one of only a handful in all of Ohio. I know KMarts are an endangered species, so just wondering. Has me thinking that if the article is correct in suggesting most people are doing KMart day via online purchases, that means there is more opportunity at in-store locations since most people won't even bother going (or just have none to go to).

Anyway...if you end up going, please share a photo or two of what you experience and what you find. If time permits, I might swing by my KMart and pick through the wreckage.

All shuttered up in these parts.

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Mopar_Mafia 2/16/18

I'm going to head over tomorrow and see if they have anything good.

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sub4ra 2/17/18

I'll be working as usual.  Good luck to those of you who do go.

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Mopar_Mafia 2/17/18

This was an EPIC BUST! Drove 127 miles to 3 different Kmart stores. 2 of the stores had the event last week even thought KMart's website said it was today. By the time that I made it to the third store it was picked clean. Less than 100 hot wheels in the entire store. I met a wonderful older gentleman who was a collector. Had a nice conversation with him about HWs. He only collects import cars made in Malaysia. Interesting sort of collecting habits but a jolly ole soul was he. When my partner in crime quizzed him on the lack of stock and asked about the KMart Day event, he said that when he arrived at that KMart location, (He drove 55+ miles to get to this store) all of the cases were gone in the first 6 people. Store Manager or employee opened the door and let the collectors in at 8Am. There was a secret raffle and 2 collectors got 2 cases each and four others got 1 case apiece. Appears that there were only 6 sealed cases and no loose cars were offered or stocked on shelf.

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redlinederby 2/17/18
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That's quite a story and I hate to say that I'm not surprised. My KMart too was a bust. I didn't get over there until late afternoon but there was nothing there. No single cars whatsoever. Not even any left overs from the KDay stuff...which makes me wonder if they even had it. Every KDay prior to this there was loose leftovers on a table, this time nothing. Nothing on the pegs either.

Just the other day, a co-worker went to the same store and mentioned that there were no mainlines on the pegs either. It was weird. After hearing some stores did their KDay early, makes me wonder if that was the case here in Ohio too.

I don't shop at KMart regularly, usually go there for KDays, but every time I do go, I wander around amazed that they're still in business. My location is pretty thing on just about everything shy of clothes. This was a Saturday and barely any people there. Toy section is only 3 aisles and it's scattered everywhere (Odd Lots style).

Needless to say, I got nothing out of my KDay, even being super late to the party. I think this was the nail in the coffin for me. If I want to get my hands on exclusives for some reason, I'll just go online like the rest of the masses.

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