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Legends of Tobacco Road - The Funny Cars

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Dadvball 5/30/17

Awesome job David on getting your track built and hosting a great race!

Congrats to Brian for winning the race.  It was nice to see the guy responsible for RLD take home the gold. That Championship race was close!  Lots of close, nail biting races in this series. 

Congrats also to G-Force for finishing 2nd, and to CCR for taking 3rd.

I'm already looking forward to the next Tobacco Road race.  

  • Thanks so much DVB...I'm sad it's over but it was an absolute blast!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'll have Bootleg run built over the on the lookout for its inaugural race. — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 5/31/17
Event coordinator

Well that's a wrap on Legends of Tobacco Road - The Funny Cars...and it was an absolute blast to host this race. Congratulations to RLD Racing on winning the inaugural race here on Tobacco Road...job well done. Thanks to all who participated in the race, as it was some great racing action!!! Special shout out to my youngest daughter for the race video and production of the race. Here are the prizes headed RLD's way...maybe they show backup for Legends of Tobacco Road - American Muscle

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redlinederby 5/31/17
Site manager

Ha, wow! I won! I've never won before...out of all the races I've entered and hosted over the past 8 years. That Arrow funny car was a last minute thing too. The Bonneville is from my stash of cars that have been raced before, but the Arrow was a Hot Ones I just ripped out of the blister, covered it in graphite and sent it in - had no expectations whatsoever. Gonna call it The Rattler!

I humbly accept the winning pair of cars but as I also tossed in some prize cars, I'll send those on to CCR for being a hell of a runner-up. That was some shit close racing there in the final, great to see it end up that way, regardless who won. Great entries and racing from everyone. Funny cars aren't my favorite but they sure are fun to watch.

And as for Tobacco Road...just super bravo and thanks to LoS for everything. To build a track from scratch, manage the cars and do the video production for their first race - gold medal, sir. Not to mention the build journal and efforts to keep people talking. It went very smoothly and everyone enjoyed it all. Your track is an great build and a good example of how easy and simple a track can be while still providing a ton of fun.

This was a top notch event and a great way to introduce a new track and new folks to the world of diecast racing. It's a lot to live up to with my race next month, that's for's a hot act to follow. 

  • I will finish my Porsches this weekend and ship them out to you next week...looking forward to it!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 5/31/17
Event coordinator

Very kind words RLD....thank you, we don't half a** something when we decide to do it. My promise to you and the diecast community who race in our are going to get the best we can do....from the build, the race and the video production. I want these races to be anticipated by the community and we don't care if 100 cars show up...we will race and produce quality video from quality tracks....Bootleg Run is next. Peace-LoS!!!

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Jdub3000 5/31/17

Great job all around, inspired me to rebuild my track worthy enough for tournaments.  3d bot maker doesn't have the finish gates anymore on etsy so I tried sending him a message.  Once I have the finish gate figured out I can get it done pretty quick, gonna go with the brick and graffiti theme like my background for team pics.

  • Sounds know my cars will show up! — LeagueofSpeed
  • .....the Brickyard??? — LeagueofSpeed
  • Let us know how you make out on the finish gate. I keep saying I'm going to order a 2 lane but haven't yet. — Dadvball
  • Was going to order two lane today, but finishing gates vanished from 3dbotmakers etsy page. — Jdub3000
  • He usually put two or three out at a'll get one. — LeagueofSpeed
  • He gets a lot of orders and often gets backed up, fear not — redlinederby
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Diecast64 6/1/17

Been out of town on a mini vacation and just got home and watched the races. Awesome job! Super fun to watch and some great racing! My little G-force racer was already in bed, so I debated whether to watch tonight or wait for him tomorrow, but couldn't resist...had to watch. I'll be watching them again with him tomorrow! Great job Brian on a big win! Super exciting final!

  • Thanks CCR...glad you liked it...we had a blast hosting for sure. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Tell little the LoS knows he has an eye for speed!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 6/1/17
Event coordinator

You think the Lady of Speed will notice?

...see you back on the Road in November.

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