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redlinederby Thursday, 1/12/2017
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Member Just_Will shared this link for the Hollywood Road Race but this certainly deserves its own link post. Title says it all...a database of cars in movies. And when I say cars in movies, that's what it is - from famous cars to the background cars, it seems to have it all.

Internet Movie Car Database

Nicely sorted by manufacturer, model and even some chassis lists. It's quite amazing. Use it for good, not evil.


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CrzyTrkrDude 1/13/17

 Wandered around on this site for a while. It is AWESOME!!  

It seems they forgot, or did not know about the Jodie Foster/ Mark Harmon film " Stealing Home". There's a BUNCH of cool cars featured, or in the background in that movie.

Nomads, '60's Thunderbirds, Barracudas, Mustangs.  LOTS of good stuff.

This site is cool COOL COOL COOL!!!

THANKS for shareing.

Soooo much GREATNESS!!!

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Just_Will 1/13/17

I'm glad you guys like it. Now I'm feeling kind of guilty for not sharing it earlier. 

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fordman 1/13/17

1958 release ; attack of, or just... the giant gilla monster...

worst singing ever recorded,

 but they all drove hot rods... they called them...  bombs...

in 1967 my mom gave us brats 1/2 a paper cup of cocktail peanuts and another 1/2 full of MnMs to go with watching saturday night at the movies... in those days we only had public tv and 2 stations...

at 12 years old my mind was warped that night... wanted a climb in, fenderless hot rod... built one in 1985...

life-long sickness .... have had a hot rod since...

anyone have the movie's link ?

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redlinederby 1/13/17
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Whole movie is on YouTube, Smitty. God bless the internet.

Although when I think about that movie, I just think of the MST3K version - too funny - and also on YouTube.

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