Look What I'm Printing, starting gate & transitions

HotWheelsRacing Tuesday, 3/24/2020

I figured since we all had the "quarantine" blues I'd share something fun.


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WorpeX 3/24/20

yes! transition pieces! very interested to see how they turn out

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Mattman213 3/24/20

Sounds good look forward to seeing how they turn out!


We won't be in school until May 1 so I don't have access to a printer

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Dreadicus 3/25/20

New here, looks like my next big purchase is a 3d printer so I can make some of these nifty bits!

  • We'll hopefully have more stuff hitting the RLD store soon — LeagueofSpeed
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madmax 3/29/20

Forgive my ignorance.. the transition pieces.. what are they for? Transistioning what? 

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