Looking for fantasy football players, need your brain

redlinederby Thursday, 11/7/2019
Site manager

If you have played in and/or managed a fantasty football team, I'm interested in picking your brain about how things work and your feelings about playing.

I'm doing research for (what will hopefully be) our own fantasy league and need people to bounce ideas off of...get opinions, insight, etc.

If you're interested, please like the RLD Facebook page and comment on the post there. You'll be added to a FB group that I'll be using for discussion.



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RobertBcfc 11/8/19


I run a fantasy football (soccer) league at work and regularly partake in them, having done so for many years.

interested to hear your plans if you'd like to DM me (I'm not on Facebook)

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WorpeX 11/8/19

I'm not much of a facebook user either but I would love to help out with this! I've a lot of experience with running video gaming leagues (and fantasy football too).

  • Fair enough. I'll see if I can find a quick private message board somewhere that can nab everyone rather than FB. — redlinederby
  • Sounds great, really keen to get involved (and congrats Worpex - saw your recent post and wanted to send my best wishes) — RobertBcfc
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