Looking for fast Redlines !!!

VoxxerRacing Friday, 3/30/2018

Other then the Noodle Head, what are the fastest Redline Era cars ???


Voxxer Racing


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LeagueofSpeed 3/30/18
Event coordinator

Jet Threat


Bye Focal

Mod Quad

Whip Creamer 

Peeping Bomb

Side Kick 

...some pretty good downhill racers.

Good Luck!!!

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GspeedR 4/2/18

Statistically speaking, the Mod Quad was the fastest HW car until the Noodle Head came out. LoS's list is pretty complete although I'd add the S'cool Bus & What-4 to that list.

Thx for the info....... off to Dallas, for some racing !!!!!

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