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This is a showroom of just cars that Lotta Speed has made. With made up and real car back stories, facts, drivers, what I did to customize them, etc. There are many, and this will hopefully be a good thread idea for others to do for their own personal showroom.

Contact me in the Red Line Derby messanger to tell me what cars I should modify.


Lotta Speed Racing Drivers: Jack B. Nimble, Jack B. Quick, Jack Flash "Sat on a" Candlestick.


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The 1984 TransAm going to the MCM American Muscle

This is a 1984 Pontiac Firebird TransAm. Originally it was white, with a blue interior, but is now metal flake red, with metal flake red interior. It has a pink metal flake pinstripe along the top of the car with a blue metal flake pinstripe right next to it. My axles are customized by being thinner, better suspension, and better weight and weight distribution. It is 34.5g.

      DRIVER: Jack Flash "Sat on a" Candlestick

      This Trans Am used to be a small town street racer's speed and joy. Until the night of November 12th, 2023, when he was out on the highway doing a cross state race, and along came a cop car on the left side of the road.

Street Racer Sam Shelbourn was pushing his 1984 vehicle and rap sheet as he kept driving at 170 mph, and came up to the three mile straight part of the highway. Perfect for drag racing. And two miles ahead he noticed many cars on the horizon. He knew what he was in for. All he could do was put the left pedal to the medal.

The small town legend was then taken into custody, and as for the Trans Am, it was impounded and was judged to be auctioned off.

And at the auction Lotta Speed Owner, nabbed it for the high price of $37.28. Plus tax.

Car: Ash Rider

Driver: Evalynn Wheels

The 1971 MGB GT Coupe was first used as a stunt vehicle in Hollywood, CA, back when movies were still made. This was one of four vehicles used in the four movie trilogy. In the movies, this GT was named “Mr. Scott.”

This GT was the major stunt double (Or quadruple, in this case), and went through all the vigorous stunts. It has: Jumped 45+ feet three times, crashed through seven dry walled house sets, 73 feet of flaming road, two barrel jumps 15 feet high, countless ramp jumps, ect.

This was Stunt car #2. The first one failed tremendously after trying to do a simple drift in an empty parking lot. But I was surprised when all the brakes went out. The car was going about 115 mph or so, took a sharp left, flipped over, and did countless rolls at an astonishing speed. It then went up in flames. The set’s fire crew handled the situation right away. When the smoke cleared and the show’s ‘Mr. Scott’ was on a transport trailer, you couldn’t tell that MGB from a Ford Pinto.

After that, our “Ash Rider” was brought in. It didn’t take all stunts too beautifully, especially the 45ft+ ramp jumps. But it was good enough for the camera. But it kept pushing on. Like torture. Not yet dead, but non stopping pain and damage. Which is what Ash Rider had to overcome. Wishing to be one of the hero cars. But now it has the pleasure of being a post-apocalyptic race car.

It was first sold to a collector in 1994, then to an anonymous buyer in 2037. And is now somehow in the possession of Evalynn Wheels, having absolutely no collection or historical value in our society.

Evalynn Wheels has made Ash Rider her lifelong pride and joy. Her and it have been on tracks all over, and just roaming the open sands. Evalynn and Rhoads have known each other from a previous race that she won, and her and Rhoads decided to go together as a team in the first Piston Junction race. And the names really sound good together, too.

With a name like “Evalynn Wheels,” how couldn’t you go into a life of racing.

CAR: Armour Buster

DRIVER: Rhoad Rage

CAR FACTS: A long, long (long, long), time ago, in a designer’s office, was the 1966 Chevy Nova Wagon. About 50 some years later, after production, Lotta Speed Racing used it as one of their racing/stunt vehicles.

Black, gray and red with the number ‘13’ on the sides, iconic “Lotta Speed” striped on the back sides, then one day, during one of the Lotta Speed thrills rallies, were ramps, flames, explosions, the everytime thrill investors, well, here comes the #13 up the ramp, which of course triggered many pyrotechnics, goes in the air, tilts back, gets the whole back end scrunched up.

Perfect record, Lotta Speed stunt driver “Allen Irins,” gets serious consequences, bringing him to the end of his career.

There are an exact eleven other stories just like this one, enough to fill a page or six. The wagon was sealed and closed off by the Lotta Speed higher-ups, and stripped of it's number, sponsors and the 'Lotta Speeds," out of worry of what’ll happen on the 13th run.

Until three months ago from today. The only vehicle available to Rhoads, who takes in no fear, for the Piston Junction WMD Invitational Season. 

Although he takes in no fear, he is thought to substitute paranoia for fear. Before doing any performance customization, he went right onto weapons and armor.

Equipped with four small missiles, a rocket, two gatling guns, and rear and back armor is all that Rage needs to be fine with being on a track with vehicles like his.

The 97 gram Buick Regal. Heading towards the Mountain of Doom!

       My Buick used to be from the ‘Fresh Metal’ company. Its stock was black gloss, 16-prong wheels, black windows, 32 grams, and an undercarriage.
       It is now metal flake copper green, black windows, stock wheels, 97 grams, and no chasm.
       I used round metal and hot glue as weights. I had to take off the undercarriage because the weights were in the way. 
       By far, the heaviest car I own...                                             ...for now.

CAR: Leighton

DRIVER: Jack B. Quick

STORY: This one of a kind vehichle has been in Lotta Speed's possession ever since it has been factory fresh as a ramp jumper in their thrill stunt shows until now. Now as Lotta Speed is getting more into actual racing, they get this beauty for the job with quick turns and high speed!

1965 Mustang. Doesn't have a plan as to where it goes yet.

       My 1965 Mustang’s stock was from Matchbox, with a white body, and two big red stripes along top of the car. It had stock ‘65 Mustang Matchbox wheels.
       It now is customized by Lotta Speed from Lotta Speed Racing. Its front wheels are still ‘65 Mustang Matchbox stock, and the back are from a 33 cent store retail diecast grade lemon (Yet, the wheels look awful, but are surprisingly great!).
       The wheels have had the whole nine yards done to them (Axle re-sizing, polishing, dry lubing), and of course, weight distribution has been modified.
       The paint job is classic Lotta Speed Racing style. Blue to purple metal flake body, and the two red stripes from before are now metal flake pink.

DRIVER: Jack Flash "Sat on a" Candlestick

BACK STORY: Another one of Lotta Speed's muscle racers is the 1965 Mustang Fast Back. At the stroke of midnight on the 1st of January 1965, it seemed like everybody was buying one of these. Which is exactly what the Korvin brothers decided to do. Using the brand new load of muscle as their back country drifter, dirt roads, stunts and more.

After the Korvins decided to get one of the 1972 Corvette convertibles to double their fun and more, they sold the car to a car lot, who sold it to a person who goes by the name of Christy Silvers. She is one of the most feirce Sunday church drivers, who still manages to keep her passanger's seat cassaroll nice and secure.

In '89, her pot luck soup couldn't handle the turns well enough, so she had to upgrade to a Dodge Shelby Dakota with a customized front seat for soup's perfect fit, plus a space for pie.

Then the Mustang was bought by Lotta Speed and has been racing ever since.

'82 Cadillac Seville. Going to the Custom Carnage 2024.

       The blue version of the Hot Wheels Cadillac Seville was moddified into Lotta Speed's Luxury Racer. With the color shift blue and pink trim.                                                                                                     With modified suspention, weight and weight distribution, axle polishing, the usual.

DRIVER: Jack B. Nimble

CAR'S HISTORY: In '82 when this vehichle was sold, the first person with this vehichle decided to use it as a show car in Las Vegas. It was posted on a rotating wheel with a half cylinder wall made out of mirrors in a casino. It was there for about two and a half years, until won by Mark Hustle for $3. He drove it and kept it nice for five years, then he became broke and had to sell it to a car meuseum. It lived there for about twelve years then Lotta Speed came in offering to buy it to use as a luxury racer. Which is just what they did.

2019 Mustang Mach-E. Has a reserve for a future race.

       Hello, I am typing this page to inform you about my ‘21 Ford Mustang Mach-E.
       This vehicle used to be red with a black interior and a black roof. It is now a color shift from blue to purple body with a blue to purple roof, and a pink trim.
       The suspension has been loosened, and the axles have been made thinner. With some graphite dry-lube inserted too, of course. 
       Weight distribution has been modified too. 

DRIVER: Jack B. Nimble

FACTS: Lotta Speed Racing wanted to have one of those new technology vehichles with electronic engines and was made after 2019. Which is what they just did. Slapping on the color shift style and pink trim, which they got the idea from the Seville to do, is now a 100% Lotta Speed EV.

My 33 cent retail car without a plan.

       My 33 cent retail car is a car that I got in a pack of three for $1. The axles are held on by hooks, sorta, but as I took the axles out to polish them, the plastic ‘Hooks’ were bent out of shape. That made the car ride too low.
       So I glued them to the bottom. It is now a jacked-up SUV. 
I filled the car with hot glue to add weight to it, which sort of helped out.
       The SUV used to have a spoiler coming up from the back bumper, and I decided to trade that for a couple of black smoke pipes.
       It used to have black trim, and a red body, and it now has a metal flake pink trim and a metal flake blue that color shifts to a metal flake color shift purple.

DRIVER: Jack B. Quick

HISTORY: This car is foreign to the US, and was sold to Lotta Speed in 2016, and not much is known about it. Origionally it was red with a large spoiler coming from the back, and rode low to the ground.

Now it has a brand new paintjob, is lifted and has the exaust coming from the back hatch. Not the best looking car. May be the worst, but not the best.

A school bus heading for Gravity Throttle Racing. A little play with the "Hold my Beer, Kids."

It is scrunched up in the back, caused by a hammer, when I got to the hood, it just cracked strait off. So I glued it back on from the bottom, and super glue on the drivers and passangers side to sort of do a 'dicast version weld.'

The windows were taken out because they obviously wouldn't again fit. And many of the bars that secure the windows on the sides were taken out in the back.

DRIVER: Harvey Moe or Billy

CAR: School Bus

SPONSOR: Hold My Beer Guys

STORY OF THE BUS: The children near Shaveno Mountain need a fine way of transportation to school. Who better to do the job that the Hold My Beer Guys? Well, the kiddos could tell you the answer to that in less than a moment. Luckily the bus did not get to look like that because of the HMBGs when they were on duty. We're all pretty sure that this just happened in their own impossible seeming way.

They're probably entering it in the Gravity Throttle Racing Half time shows. Despicable.

CUSTOMIZATION: The interor was first grey, and then a light, light, copper green. I painted the light, light copper green to just plain copper green, and the interior red. But the back bed, half of the bottom was used with the interior piece, so it was both grey and that light, light copper green, but I did not like that, so I painted the whole back the same copper green color.

1960 Chevy El Camino. No place to go yet.

CAR: Happy Rancher                                                                                                                                        DRIVER: Jack B. Nimble                                                                                                                                      SPONSOR: Jolly Rancher

Brought to you by Jolly Rancher.

       The Lotta Speed Racing team needed a pick up truck for a reserved spot in case Lotta Speed needed to get into a truck race.                                                                                                                                   Painted metal flake copper green and over ripe cherry red interior.

Lotta Speed found this car in a used car lot, "Beat's Nick," "Where only affordable cars are found," as they say. When it was first found, it had enough rust to fill a bucket on the bumper alone. But that was nothing that a little bit of Rust-eez couldn't handle. For the rusted body, they sanded down and polished to be as smooth as a boat's haul.

Nick over at Beat's Nick gave me the whole backstory on the car. He said that it used to live at a ranch back in '73, before that it was a farmer's from 1960 to 1972. The ranchers couldn't figure out what to do with it after they got one of them there Rancheros, so they left it to rot, or in the car's case rust in the barn.

After they moved out and the new ranchers came in, they said that they wanted to sell the car to Nick. Then to Lotta Speed. That fine truck cost Lotta Speed $750. It had a fine engine, but not quite Lotta Speed quality, so they traded their old engine plus $300 for a new V8.

In respect to the cars over half a century long history, they got Jolly Rancher as a sponsor.

  • The last photo for this Camino was in fact, very fortunate with the lighting. The ink on the front passangers hood was sort of loose, hand the 'H' and 'A' got all smuged. — LottaSpeedRacing

1973 Volkswagon  MK1 GTI Golf, unopened. Going to the Stock Nationals 31g-35g.

DRIVER: Jack Flash "Sat on a" Candlestick

1973 VOLKSWAGON MK1 GTI GOLF HISTORY: The first owners of this vehichle are unknown exept for they drove it up until 2007. Then it was sold to a kid in high school. BOY! Did he drive it hard. Parking lot burn outs, dirt road racing, street racing, nitro. But at least he made many improvements. New engine, better brakes, better gears, the whole nine yards. But when he saw a 1984 Mustang SVO, he knew he just had to trade up, and wanted his first race car to go to Lotta Speed Racing. They denied. So he lowered the price. They denied. He lowered it again. Lotta Speed Racing now carries an owner's manual for a 1973 Volkswagon MK1 GTI Golf for $6,200 that they can put in the glove box of their new 1973 Volkswagon MK1 GTI Golf.

Now the kid can watch his old car in professional races raced by Lotta Speed.

Reply to this if you have any of the same cars in mint condition!


TV Series Batmobile- Gold/ Batman
TV Series Batmobile- Black/ Batman 
TV Series Batmobile- Black/ Batman
Classic TV Series Batmobile- Black/ Batman (Tooned)
Classic TV Series Batmobile- Maroon/ Batman (Tooned)
Classic TV Series Batmobile- Blue/ Batman (Tooned)
Classic TV Series Batmobile- Blue/ Batman (Tooned)
Classic TV Series Batmobile- Blue Trim/ Batman
Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile- Maroon/ Batman
Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile- Maroon/ Batman
Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile- Purple/ Batman
Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile- Green/ Batman
Batmobile- Grey/ Batman (The Batman)
Batman Forever Batmobile- Black/ Batman
Batmobile- Gold/ Batman (Batman BATB)
Batmobile- Grey (Orange Tint)/ Batman
Batman: The Animated Series- Purple/ Batman                                                                                Batman: The Animated Series- Gold/ Batman
The Batman Batmobile- Blue/ Batman
The Dark Knight Batmobile- White/ Batman
Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile- Maroon/ Batman
Batmobile- White/ Batman (The Flash)            

HW Rescue:

HW Rapid Response- Red/ HW Rescue
HW Rapid Response- Grey/ HW Rescue
Hyper Rocker- Orange/ HW Rescue
Drone Duty- Red/ HW Rescue
5 Alarm- Pink/ HW Rescue
Rescue Duty- Black/ HW Rescue
‘15 Dodge Charger SRT- Blue/ HW Rescue
Snow Stormer- Turqois-White/ HW Rescue
Water Bomber- Blue-White/ HW Rescue
Ford Mustang GT Concept- White/ HW Rescue
Lethal Diesel- Dark Green/ HW Rescue
H2GO- White/ HW Rescue
2018 Honda Civic Type R- White/ HW Rescue

HW Screen Time:

Barbie Extera- White/ HW Screen Time
Armadillo- Blue/ HW Screen Time
HW K.I.T.T. Concept- Black/ HW Screen Time
K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode- Black/ HW Screen Time
Back To The Future Time Machine- Grey/ HW Screen Time
X-34 Landspeeder- Tan/ HW Screen Time
Standard Kart- Red/ HW Screen Time
1956 Corvette- Pink/ HW Screen Time
1956 Corvette- Blue/ HW Screen Time

HW The 80’s:

‘80 El Camino- Blue/ HW: The 80’s
‘82 Cadillac Seville- Blue/ HW: The 80’s
‘82 Cadillac Seville- Tan- Brown/ HW: The 80’s
‘84 Mustang SVO- Grey/ HW: The 80’s
‘84 Corvette- Gold/ HW: The 80’s
1988 Jeep Wagoneer- Grey- Black/ HW: The 80’s
‘89 Mazda Savanna RX- 7FC3S- Green/ HW: The 80’s

New Year ‘22 - ‘24:

Carbonator- Gold-Green/ New Year 2022
Geoterra- Blue/ New Year 2022
Chrysler Pacifica- Red/ New Year 2022
Toyota Off-Road Truck- Gold/ New Year 2022
Land Rover Series III Pickup- Silver/ New Year 2022
Carbonator- Green-Dark Red/ New Year 2023
Carbonator- Green-Dark Red/ New Year 2023
Carbonator- Purple/ Happy New Year 2024

54th - 55th Anniversary:

Evil Twin/ 54th Anniversary
‘64 Chevy Nova Wagon/ 54th Anniversary
‘67 Austin Mini Van/ 54th Anniversary
‘49 Ford F1/ 54th Anniversary
Porsche 993 GT2/ 55th Anniversary
‘67 Chevy C10/ 55th Anniversary
Twin Mill/ 55th Anniversary
Custom ‘01 ACURA Integra GSR/ 55th Anniversary

Baja Blazers:

Porsche 9285 Safari- Grey/ Baja Blazers
‘20 Jeep Gladiator- White/ Baja Blazers
‘95 Jeep Cherokee- Green/ Baja Blazers
‘95 Jeep Cherokee- Red/ Baja Blazers
Blade Raider- Purple/ Baja Blazers
Twinnin ‘N Winnin’- Red/ Baja Blazers
‘70 Dodge Charger- Black/ Baja Blazers

HW Metro:

Trouble Decker- Red/ HW Metro
Drone Duty- Green/ HW Metro
Conky Cab II- Blue- White/ HW Metro
Hot Wheels High- Purple/ HW Metro
Ain’t Fare- Blue/ HW Metro
Time Attaxi- Red/ HW Metro
Haul-o-gram- Maroon- Blue/ HW Metro                                                                                                            Brutanator- Red/ HW Metro


HW Braille Racer- Silver/ Experimotors (Twin Mill)
Tooligain- Orange/ Experimotors
Gotta Go- Yellow/ Experimotors
Draggin Wagon- Red/ Experimotors
Coupe Clip- Black/ Experimotors
Clip Rod- Purple-Green/ Experimotors
Carbonator- Pink-Yellow/ Experimotors

HW Modified:

2018 Bentley Continental GT3- Green/ HW Modified
1970 Pontiac Firebird- Blue/ HW Modified
LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silva (SIS)- Black/ HW Modified
‘15 Mazda MX-5 Miata- Black/ HW Modified
Nissan Leaf Nismo RC_D2- Red/ HW Modified

HW Dream Garage:

LB Super Silhouette Nissan 35 GT-RR Ver. 2- White/ HW Dream Garage
Rodger Dodger- White/ HW Dream Garage
Volvo P1800 Gasser- Dark Green/ HW Dream Garage
Bone Shaker- Black/ HW Dream Garage
Bone Shaker- Black/ HW Dream Garage

Rod Squad:

‘68 El Camino- Blue/ Rod Squad
Mod Rod- Black/ Rod Squad
‘47 Chevy Fleetline- Yellow/ Rod Squad
Mod Rod- Green/ Rod Squad
Max Steel- Greenish-Blueish/ Rod Squad

HW Roadsters:

Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible- Red/ HW Roadsters
Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible- Red/ HW Roadsters
Corvette Grand Sport Roadster- Black/ HW Roadsters
‘72 Stingray Convertible- gray/ HW Roadsters

Spoiler Alert:

Track Ripper- Red/ Spoiler Alert                                                                                                                      2005 Ford Mustang- White/ Spoiler Alert
Track Manga- Red/ Spoiler Alert
DAVancenatur- Black/ Spoiler Alert

Sky Show:

Poison Arrow- Blue/ Sky Show
Poison Arrow-Red/ Sky Show
Airputation- Pink- Purple/ Sky Show
Airputation- Yellow-Blue/ Sky Show

HW Wagons:

Nissan Maxima Drift Car- White/ HW Wagons
Cruiser Bruiser- White/ HW Wagons
‘17 AUDI RS 6 Avant- Dark Green/ HW Wagons
‘64 Chevy Nova Wagon- Red/ HW Wagons

HW Drag Strip:

Madfast- Teal/ HW Drag Strip (Treasure Hunt)
Matt and Debbie Hay’s 1988 Pro Street Thunderbird- Pink/ HW Drag Strip
Rockin’ Railer- Grey/ HW Drag Strip

HW Sports:

Skate Grom- Pink/ HW Sports
Tee’d Off 2- Brown/ HW Sports
Tee’d Off 2- Green/ HW Sports

55th Race Team:

Dodge Van- Blue/ HW 55th Race Team
Turbine Subline- Blue/ HW 55th Race Team
Turbine Subline- White/ HW 55th Race Team

HW Track Champs:

Rally Special- Black/ HW Track Champs
Group C Fantasy- White/ HW Track Champs
Hot Wired- Light Blue/ HW Track Champs

Fast Foodie:

Carbonator- Blue/ Fast Foodie
Carbonator- Green-Brown/ Fast Foodie
Donut Drifter- Yellow/ Fast Foodie

Then and Now:

Twin Mill- Purple/ Then and Now
‘62 Corvette- Grey/ Then and Now

Sweet Rides:

Roller Toaster- Red/ Sweet Rides
Quick Bite- Yellow- Orange/ Sweet Rides

Rally Champs: 

‘84 Audi Sport Quattro- Yellow/ Rally Champs
‘84 Audi Sport Quattro- Blue/ Rally Champs


Nissan Maxima Drift Car- Red/ HW J-Imports 

Misc. Only One in a Set:
Kick Kart- Teal/ HW Ride-Ons
Volkswagen Kafer Racer- Red/ HW Contoured
‘57 Chevy- Gold/ Chevy Bel Air
Wheelie Chair- Purple/ HW Daredevils
Baja Bison- Green/ HW Electric Vehicles
Pass ‘N Gasser- Tanish-Brownish/ HW Gassers
Cloak and Dagger- White/ HW Art Cars
Fish’d & Chip’d- Grey and yellow color shift/ Color Shifters
‘84 Pontiac Firebird- White/ Muscle Mania
Fish’d & Chip’d- Grey and yellow color shift/ Color Shifters

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