Oil lubricants vs dry

Chrisw Thursday, 1/23/2020

Hey people of speed. I don't know who still put some type oil on their vehicles. I still do and the oil that I used is called ez conductive contact lube by bachmann . It may not be the krytox I think it's called because the price is a little too rich for me okay. The easy Lube works for me and it's not pricey. Now you can find it on eBay. But I'm pretty sure a lot of do people Speed most likely know about it. I usually  do a oil  versus  graphite  race on my little track  and I must say  this contact Lube  can hold its own  against graphite but that's only if you run oil on your track  in your own home . 


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redlinederby 1/23/20
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For sure, I bet oils can do much better than graphite. Ive never bothered because most races dont allow them. But if you do oil vs graphite on your tracks, that’d be interesting info to have. 

  • Very true Bryan I don't know the guys or the club's name that do races in oil. In the thread it was l c u l j something not sure the name but they deal in oil maybe you guys can get a couple cars together like I said try to EZ Lube that sucker will surprise you — Chrisw
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Chaos_Canyon 4/10/20

I'm just getting into racing (building my own track currently) after seeing 3D's rally course - the first race I'd seen on YouTube and now following as much as I can.

I've just been testing some silicon spray on the axles and so far it's made a big difference. One of my cars when from barely able to make it round my track, to now keeping up with the fastest ones I have and that was the only mod. Although I'm guessing in terms of racing rules, this falls into wet or non-dry so wouldn't be allowed?

I use P-81 light oil, been using it over a year and only used about 1/8th of the bottle, i get it from here:


Biggest thing is to check the rules...I've been here at RLD since 2017 and we've never had a wet lube sanctioned race...so if you're doing the Hosting...then you can set the rule's of your race...but if entering a Mail-in race...please check the rules on lube allowed.

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MrFishyFish 5/17/20

They're not kidding - I just tried it on an old 24 Ours that hadn't been able to make it to Turn 2 on my track and now it's up there with the best of them!

  • This also has allowed me to take a few old GP-2009s that I had and restore their long-rusted axles to tip-top shape. — MrFishyFish
  • The best part is, it takes about 10 seconds and 4-8 drops of oil! I put one drop between the wheel and chassis, and one in the center of the wheel on the exposed axle. Then I roll the car back and forth a bunch to work in the oil and voila! — MrFishyFish
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Rusty 5/17/20

I find the wet lube does better on my tracks then the dry stuff.

Never really under stood why so many are against it.I'm guessing to keep any oil and such off their tracks? I've delt with the dry stuff in my train hobby.It can cause a mess also.Just use what ever you are using in limited amounts I guess..

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