Made a quick drag race video

Late_nite_racer Thursday, 3/21/2024

I race all the time. Figured I might as well share a bit of it.  This video features a few cars I picked up from Hot Wheels 2024 F case.  I'm still not sure what's causing my timer issues, but it works well enough to have a little fun.



This features 2023/2024 JDM cars mostly metal on metal.

All 8 Ultra Hots mix 1 cars plus a challenge from a few of the 80's versions.

Latest video is up. 2024 Porsche and Hot Wagons sets.

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Chris_Hood 4/20/24

As soon as I saw the Cadillac GTP in the thumbnail, had to give this a look. That car is going to need lots of work to be competitive on any regular track, despite how cool it appears. Love the paint on it, the smoothest flat black I've seen on a mainline

  • I love the look of that car. It is at the limits of width for the Tanner Fox track I'm using. It is being restricted a bit because of it. Doubt it would work on dollar tree 2ft sections. It may do well on seamless. Of course it takes a few to find one with good wheels. My 3rd was nice. — Late_nite_racer

New video featuring Mattel's 2017 Fast & Furious 1/55 scale cars. I had so much fun, I was racing til 3am.

I like your setup... I need something like that in my life!

  • Thanks! It's a lot of fun. Get building. Tons of info on here to help. Might find yourself spending more on cars. And in my case, losing more sleep. Lol — Late_nite_racer
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