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RoadRunnerRacewayFan Friday, 11/20/2020

I Really Really want to host a tournament at RoadRunner Raceway but the Tournament form asks for a work address and not a home address. I'm only sixteen so i dont have a work address yet ;) and i was wondering if it would be ok to use my Home address. Thanks.


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NDeavers80 11/20/20

Dont post your home address publicly. This is a public forum. People who want to participate can email you for your address

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redlinederby 11/20/20
Site manager

Yes, when you go through the template here on the site to post an event, there's an option to Contact Host for Address. Use this. People can them PM you directly and you can hand out your address that way privately. Or if you're just posting without the template, share only your email address and handle entries that way.

Yeah, never post your home address here on the site in any open way. Just not a good idea. Anyone, anywhere can see this stuff.

Also, and I suppose it's the dad in me, but make sure your parents know and are cool with it. I promise you they don't want to be surprised by boxes from random people showing up at your house. 

  • Thanks. Yes if random little boxes showed up at our house without permission I'd be grounded forever:) — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
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