Making the Mad Max car

redlinederby Monday, 11/1/2010
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When I saw the Ford Falcon on the pegs I was excited because I've always wanted to make the Interceptor car from "Mad Max" as it was build from a (non-US) Falcon. I stripped mine this weekend and started doing research looking at photos/videos to see what custom work I'd have to do. I figured some front body work and a engine...and that pretty much covers it.

Then I came across this thread: ... rsion.html

If only we all had an aluminum mill that we could use to one-off parts. I'm gonna speak for all of us and say that I'm just a bit jealous of his resources. And *that* is some dedication I think we can all appreciate.

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Hand-made aluminum parts. Hardcore.

My plan was, and still is, to just load up the front end with some JB Kwik to loosely the shape I need, then grind grind grind until it looks right. So I guess I'll be making the "everyman's" Black on Black.

I think the Madfast engine Jobe has been using for his customs is the perfect style, so I need to find a few more of those in the stores for parts.

Hopefully if this project goes well I'll make a yellow Interceptor as well. I love the matte black but the yellow/blue/red graphics on those other MFP cars is pretty slick if you ask me.

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