Making the most out of Crash Racer corners

Jeremy_McDiarmid Friday, 10/21/2022

Greetings everyone, long time troll and first time contributor.  My son's and my track build journal will be started shortly but I wanted to post some photos of our custom 90° corners using just what Crash Racers includes in the figure 8 set.

Like the rest of the planet working with Crash Racers, or really any diecast track pieces (without access to a 3D printer) we were always frustrated with finding good 90° options.  Here is what we came up with after looking at all of the wasted corner extensions left over per figure 8 box.  What the following photos show is using the entrance to a corner and 1 extension along with a piece of flat track.  With a sharp utility knife and some JB weld, it is possible to get four 90° turns out of a single box.  Using just the "lead into" and the "exit from" pieces a set would only give two 90s with all corner.

Below: After applying JB Weld I was critical on smoothing out the tape which acts like a mold to the inside to control squeeze out.

**Note:  As long as the hard plastic corner extension and the notches in the flat track are level, small gaps can be filled later using either more JB Weld/Epoxy or for a rapid fill:  fill gaps with baking soda, wipe off excess and apply thin Super Glue.  

Below:  A finished 90° turn.  This piece works great for entrance into the left side and exit from the bottom as shown.  By adding a elevation drop to the exit, most of the bank is eliminated.

Below:   Lots and lots of patience required here to notch the flat track perfectly.  Don't forget to notch half of the connector rail from underneath the flat track and to leave the outside half of the side rails in place to force a seamless rail.

Below:  more test fitting using a piece of duct tape to hold the backside.


Bravo Sir! 

nice, i had pretty good luck using hot glue on the back of the joints.....for the straight pieces I reinforced with popsicle sticks

These altered bits are finished and in my collection of 90s for specific use.  Exactly as shown using 1/2 track they offer the following benefits/drawbacks depending on the application:

Fed from or created by, they bank the track beyond horizontal too steep for most uses so offer less application options than a standard 90.

Combined as a left and a right they offer a wider 180 option or with less than a half track attached provide a 90 in less width, albeit with a banked side.

I may end up revisiting this concept without the extension as I find that the need for 45 turns is far greater in most of my crash racer layouts than additional permanent 90 degree turns.  My Superstition Mountain build diary thread discussion is nearing the point where these 45s or going cardboard decision is going on now.

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GT_Diecast 12/22/22

Or, for those that don't want to be adventurous, you could just do this

Pieces C and B joined together.

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