March 2021 Gone In 60 Seconds

Friday, March 5th, 2021
MTRaceway Sunday, 2/28/2021

When & Where

Friday, March 5th, 2021


MTR To Entry Rules: Up to 2 cars per team. If you have a friend or family member who want to enter can join with up to 2 cars per person.
$2 a car. Private message me. (Pm me) A pic of your car or cars and if you want your cars returned. I will send address of shipping. If you want them return please add that return price to your entry fee or have in in the box ????.
MTR Racing Rules:
1. You talk trash about the Raceway your cars will be ship back asap! Don't matter who you are. I dont care if you Will Smith. The official dont play nice to anyone disrespecting hard work. You can talk trash to each other have fun with this.
Example: MTR car is like Toilet paper... sometimes its on a roll but on lane 1 its taking alot of crap! Just remember alittle ones are watching. Have fun with this!
2. Weight: if the car looks deform because of it. no need to bring it. last one because it was so heavy broken the Raceway. its was like a bowling ball running on the Raceway. I lol but at the same time I want you have a chance to win. Stock so far is winning. Metal to metal cars are good too.
3 Question concerns about the Raceway Pm me. I will try to answer any questions you got.
Tips. Top heavy van and ect won't do good. Wide cars even on the track slow down on curves. Keep it race form.

Any questions please feel free to Pm me.
And Welcome to the Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency Raceway! Meal Ticket Raceway!


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SpyDude 2/28/21

As much as I'd like to enter, I don't have enough time to get a car built and sent out to make it there for the event, not with such short notice. I'll try to get something together for the next run, as I DO want to send a car down this track.

  • Just seeing this. Awesome! Thank you — MTRaceway
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