Matchbox Wheels with raised inner edge

Blue_Wahoo_Racing Wednesday, 3/31/2021

Has anybody tried these MB Wheels with the raised inner edge.  In theory it should have less friction since only a thin edge is touching the track.  I never seen these before and was wondering if anybody had any success with them. 


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redlinederby 3/31/21
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I noticed on a MBX crane I just got that it has giant nubbed wheels but there's a flat ridge down the center and that's the only part that touches a flat track. I'm interested to try it out becaus the casting is a good spread with nice big wheels and if the nubs don't rub it could be fast...

  • I have had good luck using MB wheels on different casting and very competitive with Hot wheels axles. I polish the Axel then coat in Teflon. — Darnquick2021
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