Mayes Mountain Motor Speedway

Mykemaze Thursday, 4/16/2020

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Brand new to the racing scene. The South's fastest 1/64 racing...


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Mykemaze 4/16/20

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Mykemaze 4/16/20

  • I don't need campground mate. I'm a stealth camper! — CrazyEights
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Chaos_Canyon 4/16/20

Holy shit that looks amazing!

Awesome work man. Can't wait to see the race videos. I'd love to see a behind the scenes close up of your building materials for the scenery, how you built it all etc, cause that's what's next for Chaos Canyon.

  • Thanks bud, your track looks great too... new to the site so still trying to get used to it, but watched your vids first and love it — Mykemaze
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Mykemaze 4/16/20

Race six of the on going Due Series happening now...????????????

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redlinederby 4/17/20
Site manager

Very nice! Great looking rock treatments.

I second the ask about behind-the-scenes photos and techniques on how you put that all together. Even if it seems like "simple" stuff to you, showing it of will inspire the rest. 

And welcome to Redline Derby! 

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Rusty 4/17/20

That is a great looking track!!!

Fantastic work...Bravo!!!

Sick track, can't wait to race on it;)

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TuxMcBea 4/25/20

What is the footprint of your track dude? It looks pretty compact from the photo's, but watching the video's make it look quite spacious.
I am attempting to toy with ideas myself, but I am severely restricted on space and something like this looks like it could be a pretty good compromise.

  • I'm the same. Would love to squeeze a track into a small space, very much admire those that get it done! — ghenty
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madmax 4/25/20

Fast track.. lots of great detailing

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