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MCM Builder's Open Tournament

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RaginRicky 5/20/24

Shipping out next week! Don't want to be late for this one!!

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Flip81 6/3/24

I'll send something if there is room

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Banjo 6/3/24

I would like to get in if there's a spot

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Kingshark 6/9/24

Well sign me up

One please.?

IN,   if I'm not too late....thx

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KingGene 6/18/24

Get me signed up! can't wait!

Going to race the Peugeot 205! 

A lightweight is on the way ;)

Sign me up! You've got a really nice track setup. Can't wait for this one to start!

So I decided to send this car instead of the Ford GTX1, because it's faster. Pay no attention to me, always switching things around. Forgive me, Kingjester.

  • Hey, gotta go with the faster car LOL — Papa_Pugsley
  • Hey speed is priority. I’m a guy who looks for speed first, ford fan second — Kingjester

Can we join the race?

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GryphonSoul 6/26/24

If you are still accepting entries I'd love to get in on a MCM tournament. 
Is it a 1 car only entry or can I send 2 cars if I'm in? 

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