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MCM Builder's Open Tournament

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Kingjester 6/26/24

I always love these tournaments that are open to any car type as you get to see the variety of mods people come up with.

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JACRacing 6/26/24

I'll get in if there's room 

Would love to get in on this one if there is room still available

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RC_Attucks 7/1/24

Count me in

ill Send one - Clay ONE31

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GrimRN 7/3/24

I'd like in please! My first 'go-round'!

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FPD_Racing 7/3/24

Can't be the only builder to not enter I guess. Wil try my hand at your track. I wanna send something unique but I really have no idea what I wanna send.

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FPD_Racing 7/3/24

Would this be legal?

  • Wow! Is that chopped? — ManiacMotorsports
  • It would never make it around the butterfly turn. For that reason I would have to say no. — Papa_Pugsley
  • Understood. It is chopped btw @maniac. No problem PP. I’ll find something else. Just an idea. — FPD_Racing
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UncleAndy 7/6/24

Can we enter? Working on some new stuff again!

I reckon I may be too late, but I'm asking for a spot  anyway because your track is rad.

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GryphonSoul 7/9/24

I'd like to send 1 in if there's still room. 

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WiscoNerd 7/11/24

If there's still room I would like in on this

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