Meet Mr. Robert Lara, Real racer and also Racing for Lord Syosset.

LordSyosset Monday, 5/6/2024

I guess this falls under Customizing and collecting. This is my friend Robert's racing page. He's now building a Formula Mazda Project. Robert's a genius when it comes to figuring things out. He's also raced for the GSN team. He's a real gentleman and when it comes time to design and build my track I know he'll be in on it. He also teaches If anyone wants to learn how to drive and is in California. He's now got a new passion and you can see him build it from purchase to his first race coming up. Here's the link to his channel.

Here's also a few images when we were trying to get Robert to sign on with our race team. He met with CARROL SHELBY and was offered a life time bottle of Nitro-Glycerin tablets ( and yes those are the real things). Shelby wouldn't let him drive the Vette on the Ford team.

We also got him the same black Corvette he drives on track day but it was his own jungle Pam that sealed the deal.

So go check him out, wish him luck. He's incredibly knowledgable about the sport. And no you can't have your own Jungle Pam.


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JBlotner42 5/6/24

Wow! Now that is cool!

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