Might be my favorite 1:64 scale video yet!

LottaSpeedRacing Thursday, 4/11/2024

80s style Cops vs. Outlaws


Excellent! The only thing missing is the twisted metal!

  • That's true. I was thinking of making one of these videos, only making a mold of the car with tin foil, putting it on the chasis, and letting it get bent up! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • I always wondered how that would turn out... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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LordSyosset 4/11/24

The Lego 1970 sportscar video was better than the Ferrari movie.

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LobotomyScam 4/12/24

Very nice. I love the car selection.

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EnZedRacing 4/12/24

What did you use to film this?  It's crystal clear!!

  • I didn't. I just found it, and thought that it'd be worth sharing. — LottaSpeedRacing
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