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When: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gulf City Dragway welcomes the RLD 2018 Mini Motor Nationals, Sunday April 15th. This will be a track test and tune-up inaugural race for Gulf City Dragway. This race will feature Hot Wheels and like branded Mini cars. Typically we overlook these castings because they are smaller, shorter wheelbase and generally not thought to be top speed producers. I am hoping that we can make some speed out of these lightweight leftovers.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum 40 grams max no minimum.
  • Size restrictions; length and height - trying to keep it small under 2.5 in. long or less. Must fit HW Orange Track
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc... - 2 stock and 2 mod per team
  • 1/64 scale diecast cars. Miniature models of cars for example; Austin Mini, Morris Mini, Fiat 500, Honda Civic, Ford Escort, Pedal Cars, Kool Kombie, possibly Type 2 VW, etc... 
  • FTE's are wheel inserts or bearings allowed...must be stock style axles, axle tubes allowed. Wheels can be sanded and polished
  • Stock cars allowed - yes
  • Must be drilled rivets - on modified cars
  • Dry lubes only

Results and Highlights

Commentary by Redline Derby

The racing action was hot for the modified and stock class brackets. You can check out all the highlights in the videos below.

The modified bracket was whittled down to 41-14 and his Cooper Mini against G-Force running a fat 300C. It was close but 41-14 edged out a victory to be the Mini Motor Nationals modified champion. While G-Force took runner-up honors, League of Speed and Redline Derby battled it out for 3rd and 4th, respectively. 

Over in the stock bracket, LeagueOfSpeed with his skull covered Ford Focus locked horns with CC Rider, who was looking to drive his Mini Cooper to victory. It was another tight match but League of Speed won by a bumper, leaving Florida the Mini Motor National stock champion.

Congratulations to everyone that entered and to our champions. Mopar Mafia was a gracious event host and his Gulf City Dragway will definitely be a racing destination again in the future.



How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're planning to enter.

Where to send your cars

PM for track address

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

Entries must be received by close of business Friday, April 13th.


Traction Event rule applies +/- 3 grams on weight

Winners and Results

TBD. Bragging rights, prestige and the related glory associated.

The League of Speed will be in the inaugural field at Gulf City Dragway!!!

Is a bug like herby ok? It comes with an engine witch makes up 1/2the wight. Lol.

post a photo to verify

Can we see u track 

He already posted a reveal thread.

I'm guessing Audacious would fit the bill for Mini Motor Nationals?

should be fine

Put my down for entry! Assuming I get around to mailing my darn cars out ... apparently I need to aim for doing that, like, weeks or months in advance of races.

I got a kick out of what was written under the "Winners and Results" section of the event....

look forward to having you

So basically if it meets size and weight's a legal casting?

...and not something like the Minecraft cube it's all good. 

Oh...and the entire Legion of Speed is in on this one
Yeah, looking for small cars mini sub-compacts something different. No not doing Minecraft cubes


Just a quick note to let you know our cars should be in the mail sometime this week. Didn’t get a chance to do any slow mods for the races so we’ll only be racing Stock. By the time I get home from work I won’t have time to build any mods and get them out in time to make the races. But we’re looking forward to seeing you all in lane 2.  See you on the track. 

41-14 Racing, Wild Rose Racing, and Little Bug Racing. 



Ok Brian but the race is next month plenty of time 41-14

Do sooped up bugs work. Ex. Herbie on steroids

You asked this question earlier. I asked you to post a photo for verification

Sorry forgot 

Speed Testing for the Stock entries begins this afternoon, the Modified fleet will take center stage later part of next week. The Legion of Speed is looking forward to racing in Florida!!!

Mopar...this what I think HWR is talking about.

Yes that car would be a great entry

The Stock Tournament is done and teams decided to come.

Now the Graphite Bay is next!!!!

Thats mine 

Then you're good to go
Bring IT!

The Lotus Elise....they are 2.5" in length....acceptable to the host?

more sports car than mini car but they'll be ok
OK...thanks...Stock entries
red one is nice
Mystery Pack from 2012 or 13 I believe

This Lancia Stratos will be getting an FTE package and about 10g of weight.


Beautiful car

I'm still planning on sending in some cars for this one, although they might just be stock at this point. I have a couple weeks before deadline but toss in Easter and stuff and times getting thin. 

That's great lube em and send em
He usually wins when he does :)

The Lancia Stratos is torn down...wheels and chassis wheel wells have been sanded and windshield painted, next step polish the axels and wheel wells, then set the axels and add the weight...then speed testing and tweaking.

Thumbs up

I talked a friend at work and I think he'll be sending in a car too. He's intrigued and going to find a stock to send in and try this whole thing out. Just a heads up. Or maybe I'll send his cars with mine...have to see if we can coordinate.

That's great, send em

Found some time today to make a mod for this race. Basically just some chassis swapping but I'm trying out some axle techniques on a basic axle rather than messing around with FTEs...see how it goes. Had to drop the interior and windows just to make weight. Other car will be a lubed up stock.

And the paint job is the shits but it's something :)

RLD cool man. These initially weighed in the low 30's so metal base must be good then.

C'mon RLD community...let's have a good turn out for Mopar Mafia's inaugural race on Gulf City Dragway!!!    

Thanks for the promo LO$.

Next is the Graphite Bay...Speed Testing and hopefully...a Contender!!!

This VW Golf is next...the front axel was bent, so it's getting the CS package off this CS Audacious.

The J5S will look good on the car
Nice, I think there is a golf or GTI local entry
I'm sorry it is an MK7

I'm hoping to get my done by the end of the week. 

Looking foward to racing against you once again DVB!!!
Me too. Good competitor and great guy also

Ready to Play Through!!!

Finally got the cars shipped. Wife forgot to mail them while I was away at work. So I got three mods done. And 6 stock entries.  Looking forward to racing at Gulf City Dragway. 

See you all in lane 2

Wildrose Racing, Little Bug Racing, and 41-14 Racing


Great, I'll be looking for them.

It's all right to send in only stock entries, right? I doubt I'll end up modifying anything by that point. Will the stock and modified entries be competing against each other or separately?

Awesome to see you in. I'm guessing mixed racing since limited entry pool.
FOTF yea man send em on. I was planning on running them separate classes but see how many show up.
We have a few local entries also

Ladies and Gentlecars.......

Gulf City Dragway is about 2 1/2 weeks out. I'm racing on Sunday allowing any last entries to arrive by Saturday mail delivery. We have a few local entries along with the home team. I'm just bumping the thread and getting excited for some racing action. Working on lighting this week and going to do a trial run photo op to work on the video and uploading. PM me if you need track address and I'll see ya in lane 2 brethren.

The Legion of Speed will be 8 Stock entries and 8 Modified entries, kids have next week off from school, so looking forward to time in the workshop...already got 2 Mods ready and getting this Ford Focus RS ready for modification, it's wheels roll pretty good and it just got nudged out of our 8 Stock field, so it will get it's wheels sanded, axels polished and some weight.


Mine are ready to go!  2 stock, 2 mods.  Can't do pics so here's what I'm racing.  All Hot Wheels.


Old style Mini Cooper  36.9

New style 2001 Mimi Cooper  39.9/40.1


Pedal car  38.1

Honda CRX  39

I'll pm for the address. Hopefully I can sneak out of the office to mail them tomorrow. 



Race Day approaches in the Sunshine State, so let's have a good turn out for our boy can send in a graphited stock if nothing else....because the Speed is coming from NC!!!

Thanks LO$. RLDs cars are here.

41-14 - you made it through customs, brother. Welcome to the sunshine state.

41-14 cars are in

Wildrose Racing cars are in

& Little Bug Racing cars are in

RLD cars came in yesterday

Another racer's cars came to my office today but after I left for the day. I'll get them in the AM.

Wish I was in one of them. It’s dam cold up here still. Lol. Great to hear that they have arrived.

I will be mailing out Tuesday 4/10 via priority mail....looking forward to it!!!!

thumbs up

I haven't made it to the PO yet but will be this Friday. 

DC Wheels has arrived

Made it to the PO today. Cars should be there Wednesday. 

copy that
DVB nothing came in today, pm me your tracking number

I'll be shipping out tomorrow...I ship out to Utah on Tuesdays and they get there on to Florida should be fine as well. I'll only be sending 5 of the 8 planned Mods...2 were straight trash an not race worthy...1 was FUBAR'ed by yours truly...happens 8 Stock and 5 Modified headed to the Sunshine State 4/10.

No worries, I know you'll be strong competition

I don't know how this date came up so quickly but I'll be entering a (mostly cosmetically) modified Morris Mini. Hope it will make it in time. First event for me.

I got your PM, looking forward to seeing you in lane 2

Got several PM's, some teams have arrived and most others are in transit. Honored to host this event. I did a test video last week to make sure that the tech is worked out. Cheers

The Legion of Speed is on the's officially race week for us now!!!! PO said two(2) days, so looking like a Thursday delivery. We are looking forward to the camaraderie and the competition this weekend!!!! Good Luck to All-Peace!!!!  

I'm looking and checking mail closely. My family members know there is a race and they are exercising situational awareness.

The kids had a chance to work on their cars over the weekend, so the SU Crew has cars on the way!  Mailed on Monday. Expected arrival is Wednesday.  Tracking # 9505 5130 0647 8099 3194 02

OH YEAH!!! The SUCrew vs The Legion of Speed!!!!
Great idea. Next race I'm getting my 9 and 11 year old boys involved too.
Fantastic Family hobby, my Wife and two(2) daughters love it...especially when we host a race here at home.
Love it!
CC i checked your tracking number, says it will be here Thursday

Special Shout-Out to Mopar Mafia...thanks for building a track and to be willing to host an event!!! We need more tracks and more mail-in tournaments to offer the Diecast community...I'd rather racers have to pick and choose what races to enter in a given year, rather than not having enough races on the calender. So, thanks my Diecast Brother for jumping into this hip deep!!!

Big second to that! Can't wait to see the highlights.
Thanks guys for the support

A buddy at work is sending in his car today to try and get there by Saturday. He modded a classic Mini and threw on some stickers to boot. Love the license plate he added: RDLNDRB

Might need to get that on my real car!

Nice looking mini

Here are the fashion shots...

Nicely Done!!! See ya in the Fast Lane!!!
what L0$ said
send that to Robby diecast 64 magazine entry

As usual, getting my entrants sent out late ... I realized I had to p.m. the host for the address--does M_M get on here often? Since he didn't seem to have an issue with my racing there, if he doesn't get on often (like if he isn't likely to in the next half hour or so), could someone else send me his address? (Hopefully this isn't impolite of me to ask....)

Let me get home
FOTF I got your PM and sent you my home address
I have been checking and commenting every day in preparation for the race
I guess I’m not the only one spending more money on rush delivery than anything else in order to get cars entered in time. :-)

I checked both mail boxes today, no cars arrived. Just an FYI, the race is Sunday. I did this on purpose to allow racers entries an extra day to arrive and because Sunday was a better day in my schedule to host the race.

Best of luck to everyone.

I believe mine are heading to your office...# 73.

That's fine, it's close by. Got same mail carrier for both

League of Speed, Dadvball and CC Rider & Co have arrived.

KwikXperiment has arrived

Alright! Thanks for the update.

Looking for FOTF hopefully tomorrow

I sent them to work with my dad yesterday, and he was going to ship them out....
However, he got stuck at work and did not make it to the post office. Very sorry to say I'll be sitting this one out. :(
I look forward to the videos, though!
Thanks for the heads up.

Anyone have cars that are still enroute? Let me know, otherwise I will start the check in/weigh in and build the bracketry.

I'm looking forward to seeing the entries! Good luck to all!

Welcome to the Sunshine State, it's why they come here! The conditions are perfect for some spring racing and some hot action on the Gulf City Dragway.

F that. It was 80 yesterday with sun, today 50 and rain. Tomorrow probably snow.
@redline - sorry dude rust belt vs. sun belt just sayin"

Gulf City Dragway welcomes race fans to the Mini Motor Nationals.

We have 18 race teams that have arrived weighed in, checked in and tech'd in.

Another update coming soon!
18 teams?! That’s great. Love the cases.
Good idea with the labels in the case slots. Gonna steal that.

Here are the teams:


CC Rider

Color Country Racing

DC Wheels


There's my yellow tooned VW poppin "a" wheelie COOL PIC.


G-Force Racing


Lady of Speed

The garage shots are fun. My car looks a bit lonely. I’m entering more than one next time.
@ Kwik - i'll throw some junkers in there and re-take. Your entry is sweet lookin' just sayin'

Little Bug Racing

League of Speed

Mad Maddie Racing



Team Quicksilver


Speed Force Racing

Wild Rose Racing

I almost modded that pink one too.

Ok, the brackets are set. There are 22 modified cars and 24 stock entries. Bracket order was determined by random draw from unbiased third party non-participants alternating turns between 2 different people. The people that drew the entries have not seen any of the cars and do not know anything about the race. I thought this was the fairest way to do it.



Great job...nice and organized. Take your time and have fun!
Thanks for providing frequent updates and sharing some behind-the-scene insights.
This is how to run a race,Great job!!

Nice Pre-Race footage....we are ready to go Green here in NC!!!

Good Luck to All...The Quest for Speed is Eternal...Good Luck on Your Quest. 

Sooo...rain out?

...just kidding.. hope all is well, let me know if I can help...if ya need it.

We had a bad storm. Lost internet and WiFi for four hours
LeagueofSpeed technically it was a rain out

Mini Motor Nationals Modified - Round 1

Great video! Watched it together with my boys this morning before they left for school. Looks like my car is one of the slowest on the track. Hahaha!

Thanks, it sure looked good though! Nice mod KwikX

Very nice, well done. My little white turd of a Mini did pretty good...three cheers for graphite!

Nice track setup, MM. What are you using to stop the cars at the end? Seems to have a lot of bounce, which is nice.

It is soft foam out a carry case

The mods race is done. We had a bad storm yesterday and knocked out internet and WiFi for several hours. That messed up the edit and upload video content to youtube. I didn't get home until after 7Pm tonight. We are working on uploading the videos. Please be patient as this is our first race and also our first full blown video edit. Thank you

Video editing DOES take a lot of time. Not to mention power outages. ;-)
I feel your pain, the first Bootleg Run race was crazy town!!!
No worries, glad you're safe. We had a tornado go through last week, not fun
Thanks everyone for the encouragement

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Modified Round 2

Woot woot. Eeeked out another win! Go, turd, go!

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Mods Semi-Finals

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Modified Finals

Well done, everyone! Great highlights, MM...great job for a first time compilation. Liked that they were short and to the point. Only feedback would be you can probably take a step back with the camera and get a wider shot, and still have it look really good.

This is the best I've placed in a Mod race, if I'm not mistaken. Not usually my strong suit. But I guess if I had to go out, going out to the champ is the best way to go. Those Cooper Minis have a sweet wheelbase so outpacing them will always be challenge. My stock entry was a Cooper so hopefully it can keep up over there.

On to tournament No. 2!!

Thanks B! We tried that on this round of races.

Job well done...I'll take 3rd place, just didn't know what I had going into this race. Well, now you've got your feet gets easier from here on out....once again...Job Well Done...Salute from the Legion of Speed!!!

More videos coming soon!

Congrats... to 41-14 for his first win!!! That was a Quality build and I'd say a great candidate for the Lightweight Downhill Dash at D64 next month.

Nice job Mopar Mafia!  Lots of good close racing. You can't ask for more. 

Congrats to 41-14 on the win!  That was a quick little Mini. Congrats also to G-Force, LoS, and RLD for rounding out the top 4!

Congrats to G-Force, LoS and RLD for making it into the top 4and everyone else for the excellent builds. Really a strong field
Thanks DVB and thanks for racing

Thank you LO$.  WOW!!!  I can’t believe it. Didn’t think I even had a chance when I seen the strong field that was going to be racing. Hats off to everyone for making the Mini Motor Nationals a huge success.  And a huge cheer for Mopar Mafia for hosting and doing an amazing job. Super close racing, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching. Can’t wait for the stock videos to be uploaded. Should be some great racing. 

On a side note: just want to say what an amazing group to be involved with, a great hobby that provides lots of fun and excitement, from RLD and to Diecast 64 and the whole Diecast community  that gives up their time to host and let us all have a bit of fun, and to bring out the kid in us all. 


Glad your experience has been fun, that's the most we can ask for.
Awesome job 41-14! Congrats!
Thanks 41-14

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Stock Round 1 part 1

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Stock Round 1 part 2

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Stock Round 2

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Stock Semi-Finals

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Stock FINALS!!!

Withholding comments until the winner has acknowledged

Gulf City Mini Motor Nationals - Bonus Coverage / Grudge Match

Host's post thoughts:

First of all, a hearty thank you to all of the racers who sent entries into this race. All of the entries where on theme, weights were spot on, none were gray area or even close.

Secondly, the sheer thrill of excitement of seeing the end products that each racer crafted in their mind and put effort into. As I observed each car carefully I had a mutual respect for the time, thought, and creativity invested.

Lastly, a special thanks to RLD and League of Speed for their technical and administration guidance. A very special thanks to Grace who took the photos and shot the footage, to Mad Maddie who produced the videos, Jorge and his daughter, Claudia who handled the drawing and staging of the brackets.

Great job Mopar Mafia!  Thanks for hosting and putting on a great show! The kids and I had a great time watching! I won't comment too much on the outcomes until everyone has had a chance to see the videos, but it was a pleasure racing with everyone.  Thanks for the great comradery and competition!

Thanks CC Rider

Well Alright!!! I will take a Stock Division win all day and twice on Sunday!!! That has been my Achilles Heel of late and the fact that I purchased the FTE Audacious specifically for this event...just a cherry on top!!!

Also, it was no surprise to me who I faced off against in the Finals...The Legion of Speed vs the SUCrew...once again!!!

Thank You Mopar Mafia and Family for a top notch event!!!

See Everyone in the Fast Lane...The Quest for Speed is Eternal!!!


LeagueofSpeed one tell the Lady of Speed I took the faster Audacious!!!
I didn't tell.

Thwarted! Oh little yellow Cooper was a stock of stock, not even an FTE. Just graphite, hopes and dreams. 

Congrats to LoS on the stock win and everyone that entered this entire event. It was certainly a big success and everyone had fun on both sides of the camera.

And to Mopar Mafia for a great job managing the entries, racing, video and everything. Anyone who has hosted before knows it requires a lot patience and organization to not go crazy. Well done. I hope we'll see you as a host down the road. 

LoS, thanks for all your support as deputy chief for this event.

Now I guess it's time to get my Corvettes ready, huh?!

That's a Big 10-4
@ RLD you made top 4 in both categories I'd say that is noteworthy

Congrats LoS for winning the stock division, and to CC Rider and RLD for rounding out the top 4!!

Huge shout out to Mopar Mafia for hosting an exceptional event. Lots of close racing. And to everyone that entered to make this a huge success. Glad we were able to be a part of it. Looking forward to the next one you host


Thanks 41-14. Congrats on smoking the field.

Thank you Mopar-Mafia and crew for organizing the event. I really enjoyed the updates, photos and videos. Great job!

Thanks Kwik. I hope you will build and race with us again.

Everyone cars returned shipping today. I emailed individual tracking numbers. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

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