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IdRatherDieCast Friday, 9/22/2023

What are people using for basing the miniatures? I picked up a pack at Hobbie Lobby (16 figures for $5) but none are based. I assume the same is true with the American Diorama figures.


I'd Rather DieCast 


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dr_dodge 9/23/23

thin blister pak clear plastic and white glue works,

if you want to remove the figure,

soak in water and the glue disolves


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AP3_Diecast 9/23/23

Can also cut up clear plastic food containers like deli cupcakes, rolls, cookies etc. come in.  White glue is great, and if you want something stonger go with clear silicon or E6000.  Stay away from super glue as it will leave a white haze on clear parts.  You can also skip the bases and use poster putty which allows them to stand on their own which looks more natural.  

  • I had considered using poster putty, but was worried that they might end up "Hovering" if I used too much. I guess I should try it at least — IdRatherDieCast
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