More FTEs in the fantasy league

JDC442 Saturday, 4/24/2010

Is anyone interested in having some more FTEs in the fantasy league? I just scored a bunch for cheap on eBay and would be willing to donate some to the league.


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redlinederby 4/25/10
Site manager

I also have a few FTEs in the stash that have yet to be added to the League.

If you're interested in donating, let me know which cars you have so you don't have to give up ones up you don't need to.

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Bandeezee 4/25/10

Brian, do you already have this year's Triumph TR6 FTE?

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JDC442 4/25/10

Trim TRK, Dodge Viper GTS-R, OFF Track, Phastasm, Honda Spocket, Volkswagen New Beetle Cup, Whip Creamer II, Lotus Esprit, '69 Pontiac Firebird, Ford Anglia, Subaru WRX, Symbolic.

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redlinederby 4/27/10
Site manager

I do not have the Triumph FTE. I've been looking for it on the pegs but haven't seen it.

And that's quite a collection of FTEs! I betcha that Firebird T/A FTE smokes.

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Bandeezee 4/30/10

We'll see then, I'll race it next time my family gets together. If it's fast, I'll send my other one in. If not, I'll let you know. I think we'll be racing next weekend (not this weekend). I don't see it often on the pegs, but I did see another two or three today.

JDC, have you raced that Firebird FTE? I agree with Brian, I bet that one is pretty quick. If you've raced any of those, please let me know which ones are fast

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chriscc17 5/1/10

I've raced a good many of the 2005/2006 FTE on a 50 ft seamless track using about a 3.5 ft starting point.
The fastest for me and I've raced several is the 2005 Ford Mustang GT. Other fast ones are:

Speed Bump
16 Angels
'70 Plymouth Superbird
Cadillac Escalade
Hot Tub
Chrysler 300C Hemi

Some of the worst cars out of that lot are:

2006 Dodge Viper Coupe, '70 Dodge Challenger Hemi - Too skinny...bounces from side to side.
Mini Cooper, Meyers Manx- Too small...not enough weight
Low C GT - won't even run on my track. It's so low it drags the bottom.

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Bandeezee 5/1/10

All those cars you listed are supposed to be fast cars. I can vouch for the Superbird (fastest car I have). I also have the speed bump and hot tub and they're fast, but not as fast as my other cars. Maybe on a longer track they would out last the other cars. I don't really measure our tracks, but if I had to guess I would say in the 25ft range.

The other ones are ones I've thought about getting, but I bought the Chevy Stocker instead. I was all excited when I actually got it a few months ago, then it came in a nice protective kar keeper. I looked at it and it looked too good to open up and race. So it sits in my closet, LOL.

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JDC442 5/4/10

All the FTEs I bought on eBay are still packaged. I'll have to bust 'em out and have another race here soon!

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redlinederby 5/9/10
Site manager

I found the red Triumph FTE this weekend, so that might makes its way into the league soon. Looks plenty speedy.

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markkaz 5/9/10

Personally, I would prefer models to be donated while they are still in the package.
This way, nobody has any advanced knowledge of their performance.

I can send a bunch of the very first release of FTE's from a few years ago, MOC.

As for them being faster on the track, their performance is most notable in races
of longer distances.

If the following models are going to be mailed in, then I will send others.

(Trim TRK, Dodge Viper GTS-R, OFF Track, Phastasm, Honda Spocket, Volkswagen New Beetle Cup,
Whip Creamer II, Lotus Esprit, '69 Pontiac Firebird, Ford Anglia, Subaru WRX, Symbolic.

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