Motor Venom Finals

Sunday, November 29th, 2020
SuperLos Thursday, 11/26/2020

Hello guys! Just wanted to announce that I finally started my youtube channel Diecast365 and have already put up my first set of videos. This coming Sunday night 11/29/2020 7pm central (United States time) I will be crowning my first ever Motor Venom Speedway Champion!

I am very excited to be showing off some races along with my dioramas and cars. My track is not what I imagined but because of limitations of space I have to work with what I got. The track is literally built to be torn down and be put away after each filming. This was not going to stop me and so right now I am concentrating more on the comentary and trying to make it entertaining.  I am very thankful for finding this group of fellow enthusiasts who share the same passion!

Please check it out if you get the time. Thank you guys!


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SpyDude 11/26/20

That's a really nice track.  Could we get some specs on the build? Track material, length, etc.?

Good camera work, too.

  • Add it to the Track Directory too with specs and more photos — redlinederby
  • Thank you! I am planning to make a video in the upcoming weeks about how I built the track, including specs. — SuperLos
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