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Muscle Mania 2020

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For Ford Mustang/Maverick is it any year?

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LeagueofSpeed 6/30/20
Event coordinator

When I Harvested the front package off this Ferrari 512 M...I could never find a use for the rear package...but just putzing around with American Street...viola...Ford Falcon XB will be contending in the American Street Class come November 

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Uncle_Elvis 6/30/20

By November, I may actually know what the Hell I am doing.  Put me down for all three classes

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DalePryor 7/1/20

Count me in!!  I wanna face the best!!

  • You're in...let me know which Classes and your Team Nameass — LeagueofSpeed
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dribblybob 7/1/20

Sorry I didnt make the double header deadline. But I want in for all three. Love these classes and luckily my lowriders are already ready to go!

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Foursix 7/2/20

Foursix Racing is interested in sending 6 cars, I'll pm you because I'm still not 100 on class differences.

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Peter_Bee 7/2/20

Peter Bee will be sending 6 cars. Put me in for all 3 classes.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/2/20
Event coordinator

Also...all the Castings listed are Hot Wheels and if you pull from the list you're Golden...if it's a MBX or JL please post a pic of the side and bottom of the car...

example...a Hot Wheels 71 El Camino is Americna Street but a JL 71 El Camino is American Muscle 

I would like to send a team for each catigory.

I'll take a low rider team too. What the hell.

HW Custom 62 pickup... Is it a low rider?

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hwtbird 7/3/20

Put me in coach. I wanna play.

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