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Muscle Mania 2020

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 Test fit .... low rider ... Car #1.  

Would this Qualify as a Lowrider? 

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Peter_Bee 8/8/20

Good thing I checked out this post. I totally forgot I signed up for it. Time to search for cars!

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VoxxerRacing 8/10/20

Test Fit 

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Mayfield41 8/15/20

please remove me from this event

Thank you

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Kit_Kayem 8/31/20

If the empty spot at #9 is still available, I'd love to jump in.

Can I get a ruling on this as a low rider? It is listed as an accepted model but I'd like to be sure.

  • If its on the accepted list of low riders you're good. You can run classics, cool classics, neo classics, etc. As long as its on the accepted list. — MikeDoolzinski
  • Yes...have fun — LeagueofSpeed

Tell you what. Go ahead and remove from this race. From now on I'm looking at my next race as my last.

  • I'm keeping ya in the Field...Build the cars and have fun with this Sport, some just go off on a tangent at times...water off a ducks back...just roll with it — LeagueofSpeed
  • Regardless of how anyone else feels, I am withdrawing from this tournament. — MikeDoolzinski
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Foursix 9/9/20

Gonna have to bow out of this, not finding the time to build these the way they need!

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GhostDriver 9/9/20

If there's an open spot for American Muscle I'd like to get in that one.

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Uncle_Elvis 9/13/20

With the lose of Tobacco Road, what is the new track?

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Uncle_Elvis 9/19/20

Wait, time out, how is the Fish n Chipped legal?  Low rider? Sure. American? Naw

  • The word "American" doesn't appear before the word "Lowriders" in the category titles. — Kit_Kayem
  • Ooohhhh, true — Uncle_Elvis

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