Tournaments and RacingMuscle Truck Turkey Day Race - Final Race This Week!

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When: Thursday, November 23, 2017

With v-8 engines, Solid Transmissions And Heavy Duty rears, Pick up  trucks have  long been a  source of parts for race cars...but, now they they are the racers! Muscle Trucks are a real world trend that is coming to small scale this November! 

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight - 57 grams
  • Size restrictions; 3 inch overall length maximum, must fit on drag track
  • Cars per entrant...2 trucks per entrant 
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model - Muscle Trucks tend to be American built, short bed pick ups...often step sides, but, fleet sides are okay too
  • Wheel limitations, requirements - FTE's are allowed...must use stock style axles (axle tubes allowed) wheel inserts or bearings
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • The Traction Event rule is in place for the weight...I will allow up to 2 grams off due to scale variance...if it's over by 3 grams or more, it gets painted pink, raced, but not counted
  • Muscle Trucks tend to be, of you want to make your old truck look like an old truck, that makes it all the more cool, in my book...not required though.
  • Time permitting, I will run the trucks twice over the holiday weekend


TBD. I'll find some cool stuff and give it to the winner...perhaps make a custom as well

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? Please include shipping to have your vehicles returned 

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab 

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before 11/23/2017

Scoring and Winning

1 point will be awarded per win, and an extra point for getting into the finals. If there is a 'win to get in' situation, points won't be awarded for those races


Outline the penalties if a car fails to meet the requirements. Include any details about how a racer can get their entry fixed, adjusted, etc.

Tracks & Dates

 Is this a series or single tournament? 

A good question...if anyone else would like to host these trucks, please let me know and I will get you on the list. I will host the first and last races, if it does turn in a series

Series tracks
  • 11/24/17, NJ- 72_Chevy_C10
  • 11/25/17, NJ- 72_Chevy_C10
  • Date, State - ???
  • Date, State - ???
  • Date, State - ???

Winners and Results

TBD. I will post pics and the winning video in this space

Ha! Whatever happened to that slightly overweight mustang.?
It's still here. ..still pink :)
Slightly overweight my ying yang...lucky the axels didn't bend or snap!!! :)

I'm in...will race two(2) trucks. I will post pics later when I fit them into the racing/modding schedule between now and Thanksgiving....a lot of good racing coming up in November...let's hope it re-launches the RLD community back into the racing groove as we enter the New Year!!!

Awesome...I look forward to seeing them

Yup, I'll play... 

I thought you's good to be racing with you again

Racing at this time of the year brings back nostalgia from when I entered the Redline Revival race some years ago.

One in the oven...

Me likey!

If the Series thing takes off, I could host that first weekend in December. (Dec. 2nd)

Okay, cool...thanks!

Anyone else like to host the trucks? Just let me know!

I'm starting off with these two trucks...I'll see if I can find some seed...I'm kinda rusty at this! 

Rusty... Ha! its like falling off a bike... wait, thats not it.
Falling off, Riding...same difference :)

C10...what say yee on the Jeep Willy...I was hoping to mod it for the race...and Jeep is very American :)

Sure, Jeep qualify

CrzyTrkrDude is an over the road trucker that used to be on here quite a bit, and he still follows along on here. Since he doesn't really have a shop to build customs in his semi...and since he likes Mopars...I'll be building this up for him, so he has a horse in this race...

I can remember drooling over these trucks when I was 11 :) My cousin had the Warlock 4x4 version

Man has good taste
I've always loved those trucks. I almost bought one back in 88. Bad credit, big

I am hoping to make this race. still plenty of time but a lot going on.

Cool...sounds good!
I'm getting 2 trucks ready will post photo soon. 1 is a JL dodge shortbed is that ok?
Yup, sounds good...just as long as it is no longer than 3" overall

1 stepside - 1 fleetside


I was going to mod my Bully Goat FTE...but the FTE package off the BG fit the Willy to a tee. I just snapped it back together for the pic...but will modify in the next couple weeks.

I've got it's team mate narrowed down to to come of MT #2
Cool...I better get working on my trucks!

2nd truck in the works... lots left to do..

Cool F1

Done, hauling a new bullet...


I threw together a 'bracket filler' truck tonight...

I doubt if it will make the cut, but it will look cool trying :)

great patina

Experimenting with this it might end up slow. But, I am working on some cool ideas...ways to dremel-sand your wheels (working the top and back surfaces to get a nice edge)...and then, running negative camber to get the wheels running on that edge. 

Cool stuff...and totally do-able with no 'fancy tools'. I'll keep working on the techniques and then, post a build thread. 

Gotta keep trying new things (and building slow cars!) :)

Well, this one seems fairly speedy, so, I just need to get going on the next one.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is building :)

It's tough to say 'no' to a neon green Chevy shortbed squarebody. I could run this one in the Flying Colors race, but, I think I'll try to get it ready for this weight required. weighs 57 grams as is :)

Looking good!
C_10 they are headed ot the garden state in the morning

This one is coming along...but, it definitely needs some tweaking

I'll get my two (2) done next week and in the mail.


Just a friendly reminder to get those cars in the mail...we are 2 weeks out from raceday! it's time to get back in the shop and hopefully build some speed!!!

Going to drill the 56 Ford and polish and set the axels...tweak it a bit. The Willy needs it axels polished and set as well...rolls pretty good as is with the Bully Goat FTE package just snapped back together...add some weight to both and send them out...first time just strictly MB for me going into a race.

Jeep is cool and different
I think it's got a chance to be pretty quick...fingers crossed

Got the 56 Ford torn down...tossed the interior as that space will be used for weight...get the axels polished, aligned and set...put her back together and off to the Graphite Bay it goes.

These MB trucks can be pretty speedy in stock form... let along the LOS treatment.
It was decent out of the blister, but not up to the hype for this particular,but in need of modification
I do think I ID'ed it's problem out of the blister...fixable...time will tell the tale
With a full-sized F100 in pieces all over the place, you can understand why I like this :)

Mine will be in the mail today, with a few oddball prize trucks.

Awesome...I'll keep an eye out

I might not get mine off until Friday....may have to build another truck...the Willy pulled to the left stock/out of the blister and still does even after setting the axels and a nice set up time in the axel loses way to much speed hugging the left rail....looks good, but not up to my standards on the speed requirements. I will have two(2) trucks to you on time...fear not. 

Got another MB 56 Ford torn down and a 83 Silverado with a FTE package,I'll be ready. To the shop!!!

I'm shooting to get 2 trucks out Friday. One is a recycled '56 Ford that had to lose some weight and wheelie bars. Hoping it will be competitive this time. Still working on truck 2 but it's looking pretty good as far as getting finished. 

Awesome...glad to be racing with you again!

Speed is an elusive Mistress at times...both MB 56 Fords are sleds....the 83 Silverado after the Graphite Bay is going to be sendable.....contender, that remains to be seen, but worthy of racing I hope. I'm putting together another truck now....salvaged an FTE package for it....and I'm loving every minute of it!!!!

83 Silverado ready to roll 

78 Dodge - Lil White w/ Flames Express Truck

Had to hog out the rear wheel wells a touch...may hit ' em one more time.

If at first you don't succeed..try..try again!!!
I love trying to make speed with a pickup!

I think I make nicer vehicles for my friends than I do for myself! This will be CrzyTrkrDude's rig for this race

HOLY SCHMOKES DUDE!! I LOVE IT!! THANKS MAN!! It's got me missing those days of yesteryear!!

Got my trucks mailed late this afternoon. Supposedly will be there on Monday. 

Awesome, Bill

I've got trucks from Mopar Mafia and Traction Event so far. 

I'll start with a weigh-in video and team pics once the gang is all here and then we'll start some racing. Depending on how the week goes, I'll run at least two races, maybe more!

Good luck to everyone and thanks for racing!!

Sending my two (2) off in the morning...2-3 day priority...looking forward to it.

Wow, now I know how pit crews feel when the car gets wrecked during of Thursday I had two sleds with no snow...but I cobbled together two trucks and got them off to NJ in time...I haven't missed a race at C10's since I joined RLD and I thought my streak was in jeopardy!!!

Glad you enjoy my races...I have a lot of fun putting them on

I've built these two trucks very differently than I have in the past...and I'm pretty happy with them.

If the techniques I used in these builds works out well, I'll do a build thread or maybe even a build video, on them (or, maybe, when I build a Flying Colors car). It's all proven stuff, it's just a bit different than my standard setup.

Stay tuned...some speed secrets, hopefully, coming soon!

The Southern Utah crew go these sent off on Saturday.  Hopefully they will arrive on time.  Post Office said expected delivery was Monday, but I'm thinking it will be at least Tuesday.  Tracking # 9505 5161 7617 7322 0362 51

Was hoping to get them out on Friday but pink paint takes forever to dry when it's like an 1/8 of an inch thick. Haha :)

Awwsome...I'll keep an eye out for them!
Fun that you've got your kids involved. I think my oldest will be ready to help me paint (if he wants) soon.

My Trucks are marked as delivered!!!

Hail, hail, the gangs all here!

Three boxes in the mail today, plus the Roger Doger I bought on ebay! 

It looks to be a full 16-truck field (I throw one 'bracket filler' truck in to round out the field) I'll see if I can do a weigh in video tonight. Team pics and brackets tomorrow...and maybe, the first round of the first race :)

Solid, 16 truck bracket... roll em!
Keep on Trucking!!!

These races will probably nighttime events...I'm doing a full-sized enine swap this week. I'm pulling the reasonable new crate out of my namesake '72 C10 and it is going in the '73 C20 Cheyenne that I picked up this past Spring. The 'patina' on my '72 has finally gotten a little too far gone...and the rear decided to let go as well. So, the '73 is actually a much more solid truck.

Be looking for a weigh-in video later tonight.

There is always something to do...I feel ya Brother...gutted my Daughters toilet parts etc, and The Lady of Speed wants a wine..
...rack built she saw on projects...say hello to the back burner

See the source image

Let's do this thing...shall we
.....(in the words of TE) I find the lack of smack talk disturbing
G-Force...I'm looking at you buddy!!!

I apologize for the grease under my fingernails! The max weigh...57g plus 3 for 60 grams. CCRider's two Ford trucks are over the 3" maximum length, but I'm still going to run them...I'm not going to be the guy that kicks out the little girl's pink truck because it's an eight inch over.

I'll do some cool team shots tomorrow morning (provided I've got good light). And I'll post the bracket for the first race by tomorrow  night...and probably run Rd 1!

I'm going to lower the start height on my track and shorten it a little for the first race. If I have time, I might lay orange track over the Drag track and run good ole orange track race next. And the Final will be my normal height, quarter mile track.

And, regarding the smack talk...I'll run any grudge match that you guys want...just post them here!

The trucks look Great! Good luck, Everybody! 

Time to go Green!!!

Oh crap, I totally didn't even think about the length thing. Sorry guys. Both mine and my daughters were rushed jobs. I was actually working on a '56 Chevy and she had a '78 dodge also. However coming down to the wire we both had issues. I was using axle tubes and after I got it all together I was doing some final alignment adjustments and one of my axels came out of the axel tube. I knew I didn't have time to get it fixed with a new tube. My daughters truck had a sticky wheel so I sent her over to her box of cars to find a truck and when she came over with that one it reminded me I also had one like that already pulled apart in my "junk yard" so I found it, sprayed it green and quickly threw some FTEs on it. It didn't even cross my mind to measure them. 

Don't worry about racing them in the bracket. You can race hers against mine in a grudge match and both Color Country racing and G-force racing are calling out League of Speed for grudge matches. They have some prior history! ;)

G-force says he's coming for you LOS!

I would expect nothing less!!!

Thanks for all your help C-10. Like the weigh in video. Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving.

The trucks looks Great...can't wait to see how they look rolling down the track!

If you look close, I think Smitty is at the diner in the background :)

I've never "laned up" with Smitty yet...hopefully in the New Year

Grudge match? Anyone want to race for "pinks" ???  

let me watch ' em run first ;)
That's funny...look who you have in the first round

The bracket...

I'll post pics in a minute. Then, I need to wipe down the track and I'll run first round :)


The track is all ready...I juse lowered the start gate (didn't shorten it). So, it should favor the good rollers.

First round, coming up in a bit!

Round 1...

Since it's early, I'll run round 2 tonight as well...but I might leave ya hanging until.tomorrow for the final rounds

The Tick!

Round 2...

I even figured out how to add music!  I need to charge my phone...if it doesn't take too long, you my see more action later!

My team was crushed by Pepto Bismol... Nice job kid!!! Nice job indeed!!!
That Southern Utah Crew is sneaky fast I tell ya

Round 3...

LeagueofSpeed's me an 9.81 once again....

Oh....we are leaving for Thanksgiving tomorrow and Tobacco Road is still up and open for business...just worked out that way...been racing and testing since American we are open.

So, I'll take them and run them before Utah if wanted
...or after
I just PM Robbie...if he still wants to host next weekend, I will have him send them on to you...and then you can send them back to me
my window has closed :(...the Lady of Speed is getting ready to decorate for Christmas


Congrats 9.81...that's been my 2017...I'm still learning

The engine is going in my C20 tomorrow  (I should change my screen name), so I probably won't be doing much racing...but, start tuned and I'll keep you posted

Thanks for racing everyone! Definitely embarrassed about our illegal trucks. In my book the championship race was the semifinal between C10 and LOS. So congrats LOS. 

After this weekend of racing I would be glad to race them next week. Me and Color Country racing could sub in some "legal" trucks. We still have pink paint left. ;)

No need Brother...ya beat me straight up :)

I'll run the trucks on Friday on my standard track...and I'll try to be sure noone faces the same opponent in the first round. And the cars will go to CCRIDER to run next weekend in Utah.

I appreciate Robbie switching out the trucks...I do think the longer trucks have a big advantage. 

I guess the trucks will be coming back here after Utah...let me know if you can run them, LoS.

I'll try to get the match-ups posted tomorrow

P.S. The good engine is in the good truck...just need to button things up over the next couple days

Thanks for the early race. Nice to see my Ford win one round. There's some fast rides in this group.  Congrats to 9.81 on the win and to LoS on grabbing the 2nd spot. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The bracket for Friday...

I hope you can see that okay...I'll do match-up shots in the morning

It was too cold to go out and finish up my truck this morning, so here is day 2,

Round 1

I do like that the Pink Mustang and nail polish are still hanging around... good racin
nice way to start the day...some racing with coffee
I was waiting for you to notice that, TE...I'll send it with the next package going your way

Round 2

I think it's warm.enough for me to gO out and finish my, the final rounds will be tonight

Epic round 3...

Great race between the C10 and the Silverado

And finally, the Finals...

Recovered from a turkey hangover... Good racing here, can't get much closer in some. Congrats to the winner. 

Thanks for taking the time over the holiday to host and race the field.

No was fun to run them!

Thanks for running the trucks over the holiday...Congrats to CC Rider for taking the crown both times!!!

Pulled up while we were getting coffee in downtown Wilmington NC

Trucks are on their way to Utah...

Tracking #

9505 5162 9797 7331 0689 20

Okay...we are green here, the Lady of Speed ask me if I was going to put the test track back up after Tobacco Road....I said, "yes" Tobacco Road can stay up for awhile. So, CC Rider, send me the trucks after running them in Utah....Speed Force says business as usual at League of Speed Productions hence....Legends of Tobacco Road-The Muscle Trucks. 

That's awesome...this turned into a traditional 'series' race! I'm glad that both you guys are able to host!

Thanks so much!

Trucks arrived today. We'll see how tonight goes...but will probably race them tomorrow.


....all good and well whenever you decide to run them.

....G. I'm coming for you little Buddy. :)

Well I just couldn't wait.  I was pretty excited to run these trucks.  Some great builds! Glad I got to see them up close.  I ran them last night after the kids went to bed.  I was up pretty late getting the video done so hopefully no mistakes in the titles and text.  The racing was great! Color Country Racing and I subbed in some shorter trucks so we'd be legal this time.  Her's freshly painted pink with pixie sparkles and mine drove in from the north 40 with racks and a load of rocks after clearing the field.  

I put all the rounds in one video so sorry if it's a bit long.  Just grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Another fast build CCR!!!
Good racing! Congrats to the winner!!
Robbie, send the trucks to LoS....Tobacco Road next!
Say what now??? Man I was in some very tight races... Great job all around

Tobacco Road awaits the arrival of the Muscle Trucks....

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars


Trucks are on their way to Tobacco Road!

We are ready on this end!!!
Cool...I'm looking forward to the Tobacco Road race!

The Trucks are'em and video tomorrow night...stay tuned!!!

Speed Force has to study for a test tonight
I'll get the popcorn ready :)

Bracket is set...16 cars...8 odd numbers...8 even numbers...made sure that teams with two  (2) car's were not on the same side of the bracket and could only meet in the finals...4 odd/4 even numbers in each end of the bracket...random draw.

Tobacco Road at night...a Beautiful sight

Great close racing! Awesome job LOS. Thanks for racing them.

Thanks Brother...surprised to say the least

Congrats to the winner, and I'll take my spot in this stacked field... My F1 has been improving since the first race, still missing the top step.

Good racing all! 

Surprised to best CC Rider's truck...the Dodge did test well here vs some fast cars before being shipped out to NJ...if I've learned anything this year it's that cars run different on other tracks...been a fun learning experience this year and glad to finally get in the Winners Circle before the end of my rookie year. I'll get the trucks shipped back up to NJ today.

Great racing! I drew the winner early, so I got  to watch from the stands! I'll run the final race next week!

Great job with the races, Ccrider and League of Speed!

Trucks are on their way back to NJ...supposed Monday arrival.

Cool...I've been pretty swamped at work, so the race probably won't happen until the weekend

The trucks arrived today...the box looks fine. I'll check the trucks out this week and make sure everyone survived their cross-country adventure :)

CrzyTrkrDude's Lil Red Express Truck seemed a little loose after Tobacco Road

Hey Guys,

The final race for the trucks will be this weekend!  I am getting the exhaust system sorted out on the latest engine swap (a 283 into my C20), I can't be sure when the racing will happen. But, I'll get it all done this weekend, for sure!

I haven't really done any 'official points' for this race...but, there will swag for the two dominant racers, Ccrider and LoS...and I'll probably do something for 'Fast Ford', Fast Dodge' and 'Fast Chevy'


Hey Guys,

The truck is doing pretty well...I managed to quiet th e exhaust a little. I'm going to do some dialing in tomorrow...adjust the valves, check the timing...and she should be good to go.

I'm letting my phone charge up right now, and I'll head down to the track in a bit. I'll try to get this series wrapped up with a good, old-fashioned Saturday Night Shoot-Out!

Let's Go Green!!!!!!!

Here's the bracket, while I fix CrzyTrkrDude's Dodge and finish chargin my phone :)

I thought it was getting loose when I packed it up

Round one...

Round two...

I have charge my phone some more...semi's and final's coming a little later

Round three...Semi Finals...

Round four...3rd Place and Final Races...

Wow two in a row...feels good, especially going toe to toe with people with a lot more modding knowledge than myself....I just want to keep learning and keep getting faster....Great Series Event C10. I feel the Lil White Express  w/Flames Truck improved as the series went on....proof is in the pudding I guess...still an honor to race against you vets in the Merchants of Speed Pantheon and come out on top..truly humbling to be still in the twilight of my rookie year...thanks to all who keep pushing the envelope of Speed...Peace Always-League of Speed. 

Great job, LoS! That truck is quick!
Thanks my really does feel good...I can't lie
No doubt, the thrill is real! And racing with the same group of guys makes for some fun rivalries :)
Great breakfast show here, congrats LOS
Thanks brother!!! Makes for a good rookie year to meet a goal
Why is that post flagged for spam?

Just watched all the action again from the first race to the last...really dig the Series Event and let's hope we can have a few more in 2018...job well done C10 and CCR and it was a blast seeing them run on Tobacco Road...Tobacco Road and Trucks just kinda go together. Awesome Fun...thanks to all who made it happen...racers and host!!!

Thanks Guys...this was a fun race! I just want to do a little recap today.

First of all, the trucks were solid builds and we're fun to watch go down the track...the racing was pretty darned tight throughout the series. CCRider and League of Speed  had the trucks to beat, but they didn't have easy paths to the finals! 

I didn't keep points on this race...with CCRider changing out trucks, I wasn't really wasn't  sure how to score it. But, even with the shorter truck, CCR, still managed to get to the final round in every, I think he is the series Champ!

LoS had a fast truck from the very outset, and he finished off the series with two strong wins! This earns LoS the "Fast Dodge" award for this series. Congtats!

I always give the Ford guys a hard time (even though I have one in the garage). But Traction Event put together a couple of killer old Fords for this race...with his F1 coming on strong towards the end of the series. Hence, earning TE the "Fast Ford" award!

My two Chevies were basically just keeping everyone honest throughout this series. They weren't quit fast enough, but you had a race on your hands when they were in the other lane. So, the "Fast Chevy " award goes to C10.

Mopar Mafia and DadVBall both put together solid builds to round out this field. I think everyone had their trucks net at least a couple wins during this series. It just goes to show how good the competition is, across the board!

Since it is the week before Christmas, I'll keep thsee trucks here til after the holidays. And since I have another race coming right up, you might just see a Muscle Truck/Flying Colors bragging rights race in the near future!

Thanks for racing, Guys! This was a fun one!

Fantastic!!! Proud of my Silverado as well netting a 2nd and 4th place finishes out of the 5 races
I enjoyed this series as well. Thanks to C-10 and Lo$ for their help along the way.

Busy weekend, just got a chance to sit down and watch the races tonight. Great job everyone! Congrats LOS on the win! Thanks C10 for running them again. It was great racing with everybody! 

Merry Christmas!

I needed the bigger hills to out run your truck CCR
The Tobacco Road and Sussex Speedway races were super tight...expected to see a couple of ties

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