Music and music rights

dr_dodge Tuesday, 9/5/2023

Good evening all

I was on the joust discord, crushing cars can up, posted this

(yes vintage spring tester at the dr complex of archieved instruments)

a little banter, and I crush a hw with force measurements on vid

rather than dr dodge; "blaw blaw blaw......"

I did music.

Because many platforms are, ummm...well....,  about copy rights "CLEAN" music is a problem,

not cuss words,... copyrights...., music releases, etc....
that said,

reached out to my first and only band I ran sound for in ~'83

they gave me approval to use their stuff

knowing I had good Clean music to back it, I a tossed together vid made it possible in 3 hours

no music, not possible

lets share resources, and give credits

links are all in the vid description

lets discuss sounds!!

enjoy the music



Great idea! I did some board work for a rock band in the 90"s I should use some of it! They're long since disbanded but they had some great power riffs! Good thinking!! 

Music is always a tough one. I use for all my music (and I recognise music form there in a few other creators videos). They have been great. annual subscription and as many downloads as you want and use it in whatever video you want.

I've had a few claims on YT but just posted a copy of the licence and it goes away.

  • one of my vids is "banned" in antarctica for backgrounjd music — dr_dodge
  • Probably one of the better priced sites that I've seen — AP3_Diecast
  • sweet will check 'em out — G_ForceRacing
  • we all struggle with it — dr_dodge

There are a bunch of license free creators on YT...I just screen capture the video then extract the audio...YT adds the info for the music when the video is uploaded...I've only ever had issues with one song...sometimes it's not even the band who has control over their songs...but touch wood...I've yet to run into real audio issues

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