Mustang Summer 2019 - Conclusion

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 10/31/2019
Event coordinator

First...I want to apologize for the Series getting away from me, but with race delays(unavoidable and no blame to host), my Father's passing and working out of town since  June was tough to keep everything on schedule. Nonetheless, I want to thank all the Racers for building some great Stangs and all the Host for giving us excellent venues to race the Mustangs. I want the Summer Series here at Redline Derby to be one of the focal points of the Racing Season, and something for all who want to get involved in, can look forward to each year.

Congratulations to Go Time Racing

His two excellent builds were fast and consistent for the entire Series...Job Well Done!!! Some cars got faster and some cars got to watch and what makes a Series so interesting...and Thanks to RLD Racing for having and giving us this great site to meet...compete...share ideas and be a community of Racers!!!

Now, I usually make everyone wait until New Years Day for the info for next Summer...but I feel like I owe everyone a 2 month head

                                                     Charger Summer 2020

....Gen 2 and 3 of Mopar's iconic Muscle Car (1968 to 1974) go and build some Chargers and see ya in Late May/Early June!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed


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WorpeX 11/2/19

Congrats GoTime! Well deserved win, his cars were incredible on my track!

Yes congratulations Go Time, your Red Mustang was pretty close to unbelievable. It was a great summer event and can't wait till next year. Thank you LOS and RLD, for all the work you two do. 

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Go_Time 11/2/19

Thanks for the kind words WorpeX, and NastiNati.  It was a great series with some really fast cars.  Thanks to all the hosts all of you did an outstanding job.  And thanks LoS, I realize you had a lot going on and still managed to coordinate an awesome series.

  • Next Summer will run smoother...looking forward to locking horns in the Nationals — LeagueofSpeed
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