My second race is coming up...

Jobe Friday, 5/21/2010

Thought you guys might enjoy the flier...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

As you can see, I don't take myself too seriously!


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redlinederby 5/21/10
Site manager

Right on, brother! Pro wrestling and Hot Wheels, two of my favorite things in the world!

Whatcha gonna do when that 2.4" FTE runs wild on you!?!?!?

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markkaz 5/22/10

8:00 start time... At a pub...
Something tells me that there will be drinking and wagering!

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Jobe 5/22/10

No wagering last time that I saw...but drinking...yes!

I'm gonna try to make it down. I do have to work on monday and it should be a somewhat shorter day, but I dont know how much shorter. I know I'm not gonna be able to drive too fast to get there since I'm sure the cops will have the streets pretty well locked down, lol.

I usually work 5am to 7-7:30pm but I think I may only be working till about 6. It'll be a tight schedule, but doable.

If not, I'll be in Austin with my track on the 12th. Here's the address for the club with all of the details.


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Bandeezee 5/28/10

Sweet, make sure you guys come back and post the results of which cars did the best

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